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The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent?

The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent? | CHWV

Time to answer that all-important question for the groom; should you buy or rent your wedding suit?

It’s time to turn our attention to the guys and talk about wedding suits. Brides and bridesmaids have more choice than ever about their wedding day outfits and so do the groom and groomsmen. But, whatever style you choose, should you hire or buy your wedding suits? If you can’t decide, here’s our guide to the pros and cons of both options.

The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Rafe Abrook Photography

Hiring your wedding suits

Hired suits might not have the best reputation but modern options are nothing like the badly fitting, slightly shiny suits of yesteryear. Hire suits now come in a whole range of styles and specialist retailers will make sure they fit to perfection. Here’s when hiring your wedding suits might be the best option:

• If your groomsmen don’t all live in one area, hiring from a national chain means that they can simply visit the nearest store and arrange everything there.
• If you doubt that you’ll use a suit you buy after the big day, you won’t be left with a something you won’t wear if you hire.
• If you’re on a budget and you can pick up a designer suit on hire for a great price.

The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Moss Bross Hire


Just remember that hired suits have to be returned promptly after the wedding otherwise you’ll face a penalty. Someone will need to take charge of returning the groom’s suit if you’re going straight off on honeymoon. Also, keep in mind that if a hired suit gets damaged, you’ll have to pay for the repairs or for a replacement. Check out damage waivers or insurance options when you hire your suits if this is something you’re worried about.

The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent? | CHWV

Buying your wedding suits

Buying a wedding suit is definitely an indulgence but why shouldn’t the groom (and his groomsmen!) have a treat? Your wedding might be the only excuse you’ll ever have to splash out on a bespoke suit or designer label. Here’s when buying your wedding suits could be the best plan:

• If you want something special that you know will suit you down to the ground.
• If you’ve always wanted a tailor-made suit and you know you’ll use it again after the wedding.
• If you’re not the most confident person, a bespoke wedding suit can be designed to emphasize your best bits and hide any areas you’re not so happy with.

The Groom’s Suit: Should You Buy Or Rent? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ted Baker


Of course, if you’re looking to buy, keep in mind the fact that buying a suit is unlikely to be a cheap option. A fully bespoke suit could be around £1000 and a tailored suit might cost £500 or more.

The perfect compromise

Of course, there is a compromise if you just can’t decide what to do – hire AND buy! You could hire the main elements of the suit itself and then buy a designer shirt or have your suit made and hire waistcoats, ties and all the other accessories. Remember, it’s your wedding so you can do anything you like!

If you’re heading to the out to start the search for your wedding suits, check out our guide to the best of the high street.