The Online Tools You Need to Simplify Wedding Planning

The Online Tools You Need to Simplify Wedding Planning | CHWV

We speak to the experts at about all their handy tools that make wedding planning a breeze!

So the question has been popped and you’re officially engaged (hooray!), family and friends have been rallied to toast the occasion, obligatory ‘can you believe we’re engaged?!’ photos have been taken and now you’re ready to get stuck into the wedding planning.

But wait, how much are you supposed to spend and where? Do you need to buff up on your excel skills to be able to keep track of everything? How do you know who can actually supply to you in the area? With a wedding being, most probably, the largest event you will ever organise in your life, it’s no wonder a lot of couples experience a bit of panic when they start look into planning a wedding. Thankfully, online wedding planning website is here to help you ditch the stress and actually enjoy the wedding planning process.

With simple and easy to use online planning tools to help you keep track of everything, along with regular reminders to let you know what needs sorting and when, you can sit back and relax and let them guide you through it. Here are just a few of the features that will no doubt save you time, money and a fair few grey hairs.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Once you’ve popped in the date of your wedding, you can head to your checklist and see which suppliers for your wedding you need to organise and when. You can explore their expert tips for each category and have that super satisfying feeling of ticking things off as you go along. If there’s something in particular you need to sort but it isn’t pre-logged on the checklist, you can add this in too and customise the list to suit you.

Budget Tracker

Something couples often struggle with is knowing how much to spend on different suppliers in relation to their chosen budget. With this intelligent budget tracker, it will breakdown across the categories the recommended spend based on the budget you’ve popped in. You’ll then be able to easily log how much you actually spent per supplier as you go along and keep track of where your budget is at all times.

Guest List and Table Planner

Oh the joys of keeping control of who’s RSVP-ed, who hasn’t and who probably never will (but will likely turn up anyway!) With the Wedding Planner Guest List you are able to log who’s coming, whether it’s for the full wedding or just the evening and once all your replies are in, you’ll be able to download a fuss-free PDF of the final guest list to share with your suppliers. You can then use the table planner to play around with dragging and dropping your wedding party onto the various table, whilst working out what the table names will be too.

Explore and Contact Suppliers in Your Area

Take a look at all the lovely suppliers that are available in your area, for your date and to your taste with their expansive venue search with lots of gorgeous locations up and down the UK. Once you’ve got your venue booked, explore all the wonderful suppliers in your area that will ensure the day is perfectly ‘you’. With a focus on clarity and transparency, all of their venues and suppliers display a specific price range so you can know straight away whether they will be within your budget, along with reviews from couples who have been customers of theirs previously.

Inspiration Pages

When it comes to wedding etiquette and styling ideas, the inspiration section has you covered. Focusing on the latest trends, lovely real weddings and how-to guides to help you navigate the wonderful and sometimes tricky world of wedding. They aim to make the whole process fun, with stress kept to a minimum and ensure they keep you up to date on all the advice you need.

So if you’re now ready and raring to go with nailing the wedding planning, you can sign up for Wedding Planner’s free planning tools here.

Still looking for more tips to help with your wedding planning? Then check out CHWV’s top tips with our Ultimate Planning Guide!

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