To toss or not to toss - the bouquet that is!

To toss or not to toss - the bouquet that is! | CHWV

When you’ve spent ages choosing your wedding flowers and working with your florist to design a beautiful bouquet, why throw it away?

Wedding traditions can be strange things and the bouquet toss is certainly a little bit strange. Today we’re looking at the history behind this bridal custom and asking the question – should you toss or not?

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Why do brides toss their bouquets?

Well, to find the answer to that, you have to go back a few centuries to a time when women were seen as being ‘lucky’ if they were getting married. If someone had chosen you to become their lawful wedded wife, you were something special. Your unmarried female friends were likely to be rather jealous but they hoped that some of your unbelievable luck would rub off on them.

So, therefore it was considered super lucky to touch the bride on her wedding day. If you wanted an extra dose of good fortune, your friends would probably even try and rip off a piece off your gown or veil. As you can imagine, brides got a little bit fed up with this and, to distract grabby mates, they started throwing their bouquet into the waiting crowds of single ladies so they could try to get their hands on that instead.

The wedding tradition today

The bouquet toss is still very popular at weddings and this wedding tradition has evolved so that we like to believe that whoever catches the bouquet will be next to get married. This does now mean there’s often some tactical throwing from the bride but it’s a fun part of the celebrations.

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If you want to toss your bouquet, there are a few things to think about:

- Where and when will you throw your bouquet? Rooms with low ceilings are usually best avoided and you might want to wait until all your photos have been taken.
- Do you want to throw your bouquet? If not, some florists offer to make smaller versions for you to throw or you can toss your maid of honour’s flowers.

Of course, if you’ve got other plans for your bouquet then this might be a wedding tradition to avoid. Some brides like to place their bouquets on the grave of a loved one or have their flowers preserved.

Preserving your wedding bouquet

If you’ve chosen to keep your bouquet, having it preserved can be wonderful idea. The preserved flowers make a fantastic wedding keepsake. It’s usually best to work with a specialist preservation company such as Precious Petals or The Flower Preservation Studio. You’ll need to contact them before your wedding as they’ll advise you how best to keep your bouquet and when you’ll need to get it to them so it can be preserved sooner rather than later.

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And there you have it – a wedding tradition that stems from the days when women were even keener to get married! There are plenty more quirky wedding traditions, as you’ll find out in this feature.

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