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Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

December is always such a wonderful time so if you’re planning a winter wedding, we’re very envious!

Winter wedding flowers really are very special indeed and you might be surprised just how much choice you’ve got. We spoke to florist Rebecca Marsala to find out everything you need to know about wedding flowers in December.

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

Fantastic winter wedding flowers

It’s easy to assume that your floral options will be limited in deepest winter given the cold weather and the fact that everyone is focusing on Christmas and New Year celebrations. However, that’s absolutely not the case as Rebecca explains:

“Believe it or not but spring flowers are in full bloom in winter! The fabulous Dutch tulips, romantic Ranunculus and amazing Anemones are all super quality and available in a huge range of colours right through winter.”

“There are also plenty of other things you can include with your winter wedding flowers too. Berries always give a gorgeous wintery look. The classic choices are Hypericum or Rose Hip but, for a different look, navy blue Steel Berries are fabulous.”

“Pine Cones and Spruce just scream Christmas and I love using Pine Cones for their texture and mixed shapes and sizes. Spruce if a wonderful foliage for weddings because it’s so robust and lasts so well. This makes it great for garlands and for bulking out displays to make your budget go further.”

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

Wedding flowers in winter

Now that Rebecca has mentioned your budget, let’s just be practical for a moment. If you’re getting married in December, you absolutely need to plan ahead and think about the costs of the flowers and of the logistics for the big day too.

“Flowers are more expensive at Christmas. Generally, all flower prices rise during December and don’t really come back down until March. This is partly due to the peak periods of Christmas and Valentine’s Day and party because it costs more to grow flowers in heated and artificially lit greenhouses instead of using natural heat and light as growers do in the warmer months.”

To make your budget work for you, be totally open and honest with your florist from the word go. Be absolutely clear how much you have to spend so that they can come up with ideas that will fit with your scheme and your budget. As Rebecca mentioned, using foliage as a filler can be a great ideas and there are often alternative table decorations that you can consider that can be more purse-friendly.

It’s also worth checking delivery and staff costs, particularly if you’re getting married very close to Christmas or the New Year. There might be a slight premium to pay during the holidays so make sure that everything is clearly included in your quote.

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

The best wedding flowers in December

So, what are the best wedding flowers in December? Rebecca has the answers for us right here:

“I adore the spring flowers you can get at this time of year. I think Ranunculus has to be my favourite because the colours are incredible and they just look like perfectly formed rings of tissue paper. I’m in awe of them every year and they’re perfect for romantic, traditional or country weddings.”

“If you want a seasonal look without being too Christmassy, opt for crisp winter whites. There’s no need to go for a classic red to say Christmas! You can have frosted foliages, crisp white Ranunculus and silver-grey foliages such as Eucalyptus and Senecio and even the tiniest touch of glitter is you want a subtle twinkle!”

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

“My top tip for December couples is to definitely embrace the season. Whatever your style or colour, there’s a way to bring a winter feel to your flowers – however bold or subtle you’d like it to be, it can be done. Don’t shy away from a colour scheme you’d love to have. December doesn’t have to mean red or white! If you fancy pretty pinks but want a winter look, add in some pieces of bleached bark, some frosted Pine Cones or a touch of glitter.”

Wedding Flowers In Season – December Wedding | CHWV

All images by Katie Hopewell-Smith


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