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Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding

Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV

June is the perfect month when it comes to wedding flowers! Take a look at what the experts recommend…

If you’re in love with flowers then a June wedding will suit you perfectly. There’s so much choice and so many fabulous options for wedding flowers at this time of year that it’s hard to know where to start. We spoke to wedding florist Jo Wise from Floral Circus for some expert advice…

Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV

The beauty of June wedding flowers

“June is the most abundant time in the flower calendar, so for a flower lover, this is a great month for a wedding,” says Jo. “The enormous variety of blooms available offers a full spectrum of textures, colours and fragrance to work with. June is the month where you can really go to town with scent. There are lots of herbs you can work with too and apple mint is a real favourite, alongside rosemary and dill.”

Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV

Summer wedding flowers

Wondering what wedding flowers to choose? Take a look at the top ten June wedding flowers as chosen by Floral Circus:

1. Roses - big ruffled varieties will give you a more natural, garden style with many scented David Austin roses now available.


Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV


2. Sweet peas - the delicate heads create a soft contrast to the denser roses and the fragrance is divine.

3. Jasmine - the fine tendrils will create movement around the arrangements and the scent will enchant your guests.

4. Delphiniums - these tall beauties will create drama and a sense of scale. A few delphiniums in a vase can be all you need to create a wow factor.


Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV


5. Bishops Flower - this delicate flower looks like cow parsley but holds better in the vase. The dainty heads will dance above your bigger flowers creating a lightness and meadow feel.

6. Alchemilla - these frothy apple green flowers create a fresh summer vibe and the bright colour offers a pop of vitality amongst a more soft and muted palette.

7. Foxgloves - these are a nostalgic flower for me, they remind me of my Grandma, I love the way the blush pink bells hang elegantly from the tall stem. There are dwarf varieties available now that are easier to work with and means you can have them in a tablecentre or bouquet.

8. Clematis - pink or purple flowers on a vine. The larger heads on these vines allow the florist to create movement and interest outside the main body of the arrangement.

9. Apple mint - these silvery green leaves have a sweet mint fragrance and soft mauve flowers at the tip.

10. Nepeta - Looks similar to the apple mint, but is much finer and the fragrance is spicier. A few sprigs of this will immediately give texture and soften the outline of any arrangement.


Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV


“It’s worth considering that some of these varieties are not happy out of water for long periods of time so it’s a good idea to have water filled vases standing by at your venue,” advises Jo. “Once you have had your ceremony you can put your bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets straight into water and display them. They don’t always make the best tablecentres, but they will look great dotted around your venue or on the cake table.”

The best floral ideas for June weddings

“I think garden style arrangements work best in June, embracing all the different textures and changes scale available,” says Jo. “You can still be elegant with a garden style wedding, imagine rose bowls on your tables packed full of scented roses, sweet peas and herbs, heavenly!”

“But if you like a less formal look, a collection of vintage bottles holding meadow style flowers such as bishops flower, cornflowers and dwarf foxgloves looks wonderful. I think June wedding flowers don’t want to be over arranged, they need to speak for themselves and not look too contrived.”

“Button hole flowers can be a challenge, as only certain flowers will hold up out of water, so it’s worth checking with your florist that the ones you’ve chosen are tried and tested. Whether you like a more elegant buttonhole or more informal meadow style, I’d suggest a more natural look, to really show off the natural beauty of your flowers. Many buttonholes are created with an exposed stem but heavy heads like roses, still need to be wired.”


Wedding Flowers In Season: June Wedding - Floral Circus | CHWV


As June wedding flowers look great when they’re not over-arranged, it’s no surprise that lots of brides consider managing their own wedding flowers. Floral Circus run workshops for brides that give you the chance to practice your wedding flowers before the big day. You can find out more here.


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