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Wedding Trends – What’s Hot And What’s Not?

Wedding Trends – What’s Not And What’s Not? | CHWV

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll hear lots of talk about wedding trends. But how do you know what are the latest and greatest ideas?

What trends look set to last and which ones are falling out of favour? Here’s our guide to what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of wedding trends.

What’s Hot And What’s Not? | CHWV

Wedding Trends – HOT!

Balloons – oh yes, big round balloons in fab colours are super-hot right now. They’re great for decorations and absolutely perfect as fun props for photos too. Bubblegum Balloons are our favourites!

Food stalls – guests can’t get enough of cool food stalls during evening receptions and this trend is big news. From wood-fired pizza to street food and more, food stalls are such a tasty trend.

Craft – no, we don’t mean more wedding DIY for your to do list! This trend is all about craft alcohol for celebratory drinks. Craft beers and gins are top of our list this year.

First Lady chic – brides are upping the elegance and chic, stylish gowns are the way forward. Take a look at designers such as Jesus Peiro and Pronovias to channel your inner Jackie Kennedy!

Personal ceremonies – more couples are adding a celebrant-led ceremony to their wedding day. You can add in any elements you want, say what you want and completely design your own ceremony. Take a look at Wild & Oak for more.

Greenery – foliage is the decorative trend of 2017. Spend a little bit of time on Pinterest and check out the amazing wedding decorations that you can make without (or with just a few) flowers and you’ll be smitten.

Bold colour schemes – Brighter, bolder colours are totally on trend in the US right now so that means we’ll be seeing them here soon. Get ahead of the game with navy blues, ruby reds, emerald greens and even golden yellow combos.

Portrait booths – the photo booth has grown up with this latest trend from the States. Instead of taking quick snaps with their phones, guests are now having professional portraits taken instead. This is a great wedding favour idea!

Non-white gowns – More and more designers are including patterns and colours in their bridal collections so be brave and go for something a little bit different.

Wedding Trends – NOT!

Garters – the garter toss has been popular for a long time, especially in the US, yet they’re ditching this tradition now so it’s probably time for us to do the same.

Blush – blush tones have been everywhere over the last few years but the growing trend for bolder, brighter colours means that our love of blush might be on the wane.

Matching maids – mismatched bridesmaids are just becoming more and more popular. Let your maids choose their colour and style of gown and remember there’s no need for them to carry matching bouquets either.

Pom poms – the paper pom pom might also have had its most day too. Instead, lanterns, pinwheels and fans are the new paper products to love.

Trash the dress – the ‘trash the dress’ shoot has struggled of late and let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather keep your dress looking just how it was on your wedding day than ruin it forever for the sake of a few photos?

Birdcages – Birdcages for table arrangements and decorations are something else we’re seeing less of. Glass cloches, unusual containers and more free-flowing table decorations are the thing for 2017.

Cheesy photos – Wedding photos that overdose on the cheese are just a little bit yesterday. Grooms looking at their watches, brides pretending to pull their grooms around or anything that makes you feel in any way uncomfortable or silly needs to be ditched ASAP!

Wedding stress – now this is something that all of us at CHWV are very glad to see the back of because when you choose a fabulous wedding venue, there’s really no need to be stressed or worried. Just let us look after you.

For even more on the latest wedding trends, we’ve got all you need to know in this feature.

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