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What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Make your wedding planning a whole lot easier with these tips from on delegating jobs!

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s no doubt that you’ve got a lot to think about and coordinate, but rather than stressing about how you’re going to get everything done, the key is to delegate. We speak to Wedding Planner to find out the best way to do it!

We are often loathed to ask favours and the last thing we want to be is a bridezilla, but we’re sure your friends and family will be more than happy to help. Plus, with everyone mucking in, it will definitely make the planning process more enjoyable.

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

To help you out, we have broken down the responsibilities we recommend you delegate to various members of the bridal party.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Mythe Barn Image courtesy of Ed Brown Photography


  • Use the bridesmaids and groomsmen as your on-the-day coordinators. They can be your eyes and ears and can help with anything from directing guests to being a delivery service for your wedding decorations.
  • Get your bridesmaids to book your appointments, attend hair trials for a second opinion and just generally getting involved with the beauty sides of things.
  • Think of your bridesmaids as your little DIY fairies and make an occasion of creating your decorations. As the saying goes, many hands make light work!
  • On the day, get them to help with setting up, ensuring everything is in the right place and that everyone is happy with proceedings.

Maid of Honour

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Curradine Barns Image courtesy of Jonny MP Photography


  • The MOH will be like your knight in shining armour! They should be your main confidant and, privileged as they are to be chosen as your right-hand woman, they’ll know they need to be there for you as much as you want them to be.
  • They should be your helper and plan B maker, there for when things don’t quite go to plan whilst helping with coordinating any new plans that need to be made.
  • They are a great when it comes to décor and styling. They will have likely been involved in the process along the way so they will know better than anyone else the look you’re going for.
  • They should act as your walking, talking check list and make sure that you as the bride have everything you need for getting ready. The day can be a real whirlwind and things can easily get forgotten.
  • The MOH should accompany you dress shopping for yours and your bridesmaid’s dresses. As someone who knows you well, they will be great for a second opinion, as long as they tell the truth!
  • It is also down to your MOH to organise your hen party. Possibly the most fun task, they’ll take responsibility for making sure you and your hens have an amazing time.
  • They can be your personal stylist on the day and can assist with popping on any jewellery and accessories and helping you get your look just right on your big day.

Best Man

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Clock Barn Image courtesy of Jacob and Pauline Photography


  • The best man will help out with the meeting and greeting and directing people to where they need to go on the day, to save you the trouble.
  • He can also assist with timings, numbers and general proceedings for the day.
  • He should help with choosing the groom’s outfit and also ensure groomsmen have all their outfits bought and with them on the day.
  • They are in charge of hosting the stag do (for better or for worse) and fingers crossed they’ll know exactly what the groom is after!
  • The best man is in charge of looking after the rings prior and during the ceremony. Definitely the most important job that he needs to get right!
  • More of a tradition than a job, but it’s his duty to make a speech and if he does it well, it will go down a storm.

Mother of the Bride and Groom

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Packington Moor Image courtesy of Gemma Williams Photography


  • It’s a great idea to put them in charge of calling friends and family to check and confirm and see if there’s any additional needs they may have. Between both the mothers of the bride and groom, it’s likely they’ll know most of your guests so they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable doing this.
  • Mums usually love to be involved so if you’re happy to, delegate or involve them in a particular area of your day such as the flowers, the cake, the band or the catering to let them put their own special touch on things.

Friends and Family

What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day With Wedding Planner | CHWV

Gaynes Park Image courtesy of Sam and Louise Photography


  • Without a doubt, you should definitely take advantage of any skills your friends and family may have. Be that floristry, baking or music – see who’s up for helping.
  • If you’re travelling from the reception venue to the ceremony and then back again, definitely think about car sharing and getting everyone to travel together. This will solve any issues of limited parking at the ceremony too.


Thanks to Wedding Planner for all their top tips! Don’t forget to check out their website here for plenty of expert wedding planning advice!

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