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11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

It’s all about the bling for these wedding cake ideas! Check out these 11 geode wedding cakes, bringing you the sweetest inspiration around.

‘Let’s see the rock, then!’ If you had a pound for every time someone asked this when you first got engaged, your wedding budget would probably be through the roof. But it turns out that this isn’t the only time when a bit of geological bling can make a big impression at your wedding. Today, we’re talking all-things geode wedding cakes.

These elaborate, edible masterpieces are guaranteed to make your special day sparkle. The designs take gems and crystals and replicate them in sugar form. Expect to spend a bit more if you’ve set your heart on one of these unusual wedding cakes because the baker will spend more time melting sugar with water and colouring to create the crystals in addition to the baking, levelling and icing they do to decorate.

But if you’re on the hunt for quirky wedding ideas, one of these incredible geode wedding cakes is bound to be a winner.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Iconic geode wedding cakes

Immaculately sharp white edges, decadent gold leaf detailing and a dazzling rift of turquoise crystal ripping through the centre… There’s no denying the wow-factor style on show with this wedding cake.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cake Life Bake Shop

Single-tier style

Proof that small wedding cakes ideas can still be just as special, this one-tier wonder has a winning geode design. Contemporary copper edging draws the eye into the spellbinding sugar crystal centre, while chic marble icing adds the perfect finishing touch.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Wedding Forward

Geometric geode wedding cakes

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to these unusual wedding cake ideas. While many geode cakes display a crystal fissure taking centre stage on the cake, they can be incorporated into other designs too. Check out this example, which combines geometric patterns with diamond crystals to take these quirky wedding ideas to the next level.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Intricate Icing Cake Design

Subtle but sparkling

While many geode wedding cakes are bold and brightly coloured, there are subtler wedding cake ideas that take advantage of the trend, too. Take this elegant design, for example, which blends a soft palette of blues and greys with shimmers of gold to accent the sugar crystals. It’s subtle but no less stunning than its louder cake counterparts.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Go Cakes

Bohemian bling

Here’s a twist: you can create the effect of geode wedding cakes without using any sugar crystals at all! Here, swirled marble icing and carefully applied edible gold leaf create the texture and twinkle of a sugar crystal, without sacrificing any sponge to make room for a geode to be added. Perfect if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to snap up every slice of cake!

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of The Frostery

Majestic minimalism

The surprises don’t stop there. This cake proves that it is actually possible to create wow-factor geode wedding cakes while still having a minimalistic style. Who’d have thought it? The key is in the detail, so ensure you work with a baker who has a reputation for creating the sharpest of edges on their cakes. In addition, it's worth choosing an unfussy design that lets the geode element shine.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of MJ Cakes

Quirky cupcakes

For a fairy-tale look, why not finish off your wedding cake table with a few geode cupcakes? Each sugar crystal is hand-coloured by the baker, so you can easily colour coordinate them with your wedding cake or big day colour scheme.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Sweet Bites Cakes

Traditional takes

With geode designs featuring on some of the more unusual wedding cakes, you might be wondering how geode wedding cakes could complement a more classic big day. This cake is the answer. Delicate flowers, pastel colours and a subtle, ombre marble effect ground the crystal details with their timelessness.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cake Maker

Black is back

If you’re looking for unusual wedding cakes right at the other end of the spectrum, check out this black geode cake. Dramatically decorated, it’s bound to be one your guests remember.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Shelby Elizabeth Cakes

Miniature masterpieces

Is your heart set on a decadent dessert table rather than one towering cake? Don’t worry, you can still max out on these quirky wedding ideas with geode cake pops instead. The crystal bling might be bite-sized, but with a group displayed together, they’ll still create a stunning effect.

11 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cake Poppin


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