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12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas | CHWV

Some couples will stick to the trusted number when it comes to their wedding tables names. But if you’d like to get creative, here are 12 quirky table name ideas to try.

That's the ticket

Fancy yourselves as movie buffs? Ask your stationery supplier to create film ticket style table names including all your favourite films.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Film tickets | CHWV

Image courtesy of Paper Heart Print

Written in the stars

Give your wedding a celestial twist by naming each table after a different constellation.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Stars | CHWV

Image courtesy of Hands in the Attic

Rush hour

If you live in London or love to visit, why not opt for table name ideas that feature different tube stations? You can get some wonderful themed designs.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Tube stations | CHWV

Image courtesy of Kate Gray Photography


Give all your guests a giggle by including old family photos with your wedding table names. Each table will find out about a different chapter of your life, with a funny photo to boot.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Photos | CHWV

Image courtesy of Katch Studios

Potted perfection

Keep your wedding table ideas simple and reusable by choosing potted herbs. Not only will they look great on your tables, they also won't wilt like cut flowers and will provide a lovely fragrance too.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Plants | CHWV

Image courtesy of E B Photography

It's a date

For table name ideas with a personal touch, how about using important date locations as their names? You could include the venue for your first date, your favourite restaurant and even the spot where you got engaged.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Travel | CHWV

Image courtesy of Rodo Creative

Love stories

Bookworms or couples planning a vintage celebration should make a beeline for books. You could use titles for table name ideas or pile up a selection of old novels for a charming centrepiece.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Books | CHWV

Image courtesy of Binky Nixon Photography

Home sweet home

You might not have had many, or even any, homes together yet, but if you have, why not base your table plan on your past addresses or the places you've lived?

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Places lived | CHWV

Image courtesy of Leanne Keaney Photography

Set the scene

For more place-based table name ideas, why not take inspiration from your venue? Barn venues will suit tables named after farmyard animals, garden venues could be named after blooms and wedding tables at a gallery could include famous artists' names.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Set the scene | CHWV

Image courtesy of Swoon by Katie


Make your wedding table names from upcycled old records and name them after all of your favourite songs. This looks brilliant at an alternative or vintage wedding.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - Soundtracks | CHWV

Image courtesy of Faye Cornhill Photography

In the spirit

Whether your tipple is whisky, wine or gin, collect up finished bottles to form the basis of your wedding table ideas. Your florist can fill them with flowers and each drink can become the table name.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - In the spirit | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lush Imaging

All about you!

Many couples look to celebrate their day, their way and what better way to do so than with your table name ideas? Don't be afraid to theme your tables around your interests, whether that's baking, boxing or bird-watching.

12 Unmissable Table Name Ideas - All about you | CHWV

Image courtesy of James and Lianne Photography


Table name ideas inspired by the places you have or would love to visit can be a brilliant talking point for guests. Check out these 20 charming ways to present them.