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Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV

Amaze your guests with an incredible dessert table on your wedding day!

If you’ve got a huge sweet tooth and are looking for an amazing way to treat your guests on your wedding day, you won’t want to miss this! Sugar and Bloom, an incredible cake studio in North Wales, have got the perfect way to wow your loved ones with wonderful sweet treats – delicious dessert tables! Featuring an array of exquisite and expertly-decorated mini delights, from fancy macarons to buttery biscuits and gorgeous doughnuts, there is something for everyone to love. Take a look at why we think a dessert table would make an awesome addition to your special day.

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV

1. They’re delightfully different

Everybody wants their wedding to stand out from the crowd and a delectable dessert table full of mouth-watering morsels will do exactly that. Think about it, you’ve just enjoyed an unforgettable wedding breakfast with your guests and now a smorgasbord of sugary goodness awaits! Having one of these on your wedding day would be a great way to mix things up a bit.

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV

2. They’re tailored to you

Not only do Sugar and Bloom offer a bevvy of beautiful treats, but you also have the option to pick and choose and tailor your dessert table to make it exactly the way you want it! Will you go for brownie bites or chocolate-covered strawberry towers? Personalised biscuits or magical mini cake popsicles? Or will you find it just too hard to choose and have it all? We know what we would do!

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV

3. They’re versatile

One of the many positives of having a dessert table is that you can you use it however you want on your special day. If you want to break away from tradition, consider having one instead of a wedding cake. Thinking of upgrading your evening reception food options? Then a dessert table is the perfect choice. Or simply treat your guests to one of these for dessert and enjoy a fun and interactive course as part of your wedding breakfast. If you really can’t decide between a dessert table and a show-stopping wedding cake, then have both! Sugar and Bloom create some real masterpieces too!

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV

4. There’s something for everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but not everybody loves cake! As shocking as this is, with a dessert table you can make sure that all your guests are happy, giving them a full range of favourites to choose from. With some fantastic design and decorating, every tasty option can be colour-coordinated and themed to suit your day too. The overall look is simply breathtaking!

Delicious Dessert Tables With Sugar and Bloom | CHWV


If you want to speak to Sugar and Bloom about how they can create an amazing dessert table for your special day, get in touch with them today. You won’t regret it!

Images © Sugar and Bloom

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