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Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding | CHWV

Here’s all you need to know about the wedding seasons.

Choosing your wedding date is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you’re planning your wedding. The season that you choose will influence so much about your day so before you set the date, you need to set the season. Do you love the heat of summer or the cool of winter? Or are the pastel shades of spring or the harvest inspired beauty of autumn more your style? If you can’t decide which season is right for your celebration or when to get married, we’re here to help.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding | CHWV

Wedding seasons – spring

Easter always used to be the traditional ‘start’ of the wedding season and it’s not surprising because spring is a fab time of year for a wedding. However, there are some pros and cons to be aware of before you opt for a spring wedding:

Pro – spring is absolutely beautiful and the days get longer. This means you can spend more time outside in glorious surroundings.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Spring | CHWV

Image courtesy of Michelle Lindsell Photography


Con – the weather in spring is notoriously unpredictable and you could just as easily see snow as beautiful sunshine. Make sure that you’ve got backup plans in case of bad weather.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Spring | CHWV

Image courtesy of The Image is Found


Pro – friends and family are less likely to have holidays booked at this time of year so you won’t be missing guests and venues often have good availability too.

Con – as there are school holidays around Easter, you might find that honeymoons and minimoons cost a little more if you head straight off after your wedding.

Wedding seasons – summer

Summer is so popular for wedding and for lots of couples, when they imagine their wedding day, they imagine a summer celebration. But is this the season for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pro – You can really make the most of your venue in summer. The grounds, the gardens and even the outdoor ceremony spaces are all yours to enjoy.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Summer | CHWV

Image courtesy of Studio Rouge


Con – Because this is such a popular time of year to get married, venues and suppliers get booked up a long way in advance. This probably isn’t the season for you if you’re planning a wedding at short notice.

Pro – Summer wedding photos look amazing and the ‘golden hour’, that time of day that gives those gorgeous romantic photos, fits perfectly in the gap between your wedding breakfast and evening reception!

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Summer | CHWV

Image courtesy of Project Valentine


Con – If you don’t send your invitations out early enough, you might find that some of your guests have their holidays booked on your big day.

Wedding seasons – autumn

After the heat of summer, the cooler temperatures of autumn can be really popular with couples. Take a look at these pros and cons before you decided when to get married:

Pro – If you’re not great in the heat of summer, autumn is definitely a better choice. You can enjoy those autumnal sunny days without struggling in the hot weather.

Con – When everyone goes back to work and school after the summer holidays, taking more time off for your wedding might be tough. Give people as much notice as possible.

Pro – Autumn wedding food is AMAZING! Comfort food, warming dishes and cosy favourites plus boozy hot chocolates and mulled drinks. Delicious!

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Autumn | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cat Mayer Studio


Con – You need to be super organised for an autumn wedding because suppliers will be really busy over the summer with weddings. Book those pre-wedding meetings in nice and early.

Wedding seasons – winter

Everyone’s in the mood for a party during the festive season and winter weddings give your guests something to look forward to during those post-Christmas darker days. Think about these pros and cons as you make your decision:

Pro – Venues often look totally festive and fantastic during winter. Christmas trees, fairy lights and lots of seasonal decorations can mean that you don’t need to add lots of details to your day.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Winter | CHWV

Image courtesy of Tobiah Tayo Photography


Con – If you’re planning to get married in the Christmas and New Year period, you might find that some suppliers are more expensive that you might expect, particularly entertainers. They also get booked up months and even years in advance.

Pro – Winter feasts are just the best! Our catering partners will make sure that your winter wedding food is unforgettable and if you want to go for the full Christmas dinner experience, do it!

Con – We all know from recent years just how brutal winter weather can be. Snow, storms and floods, the UK gets it all. You’ll need contingency plans and everything on hand to beat the weather so umbrellas, blankets and ideal indoor spots for photos will all need to be on your list.

Find The Best Seasons For Your Wedding - Winter | CHWV

Image courtesy of Rubie Love Photography


Now you know when to get married, you need to find the perfect venue for the season. Take a look at our brilliant ‘find your wedding venue’ quiz.