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How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

See how the professionals do it when it comes to wedding planning!

Ever wonder how an industry expert would go about planning their wedding? Well this is your chance to find out! We speak to Tamryn, founder of Candid Apple, author, PR and all-round wedding aficionado, about her recent engagement and where to begin with it all! Here’s what she had to say:

“Well, I didn’t think this would be a feature I’d be writing but here I am! After more than a decade in the wedding industry, I’m planning my own wedding. It’s a very bizarre feeling and I can tell you now that even when you’ve written millions of words about planning weddings, organising your own is a very different story indeed. Before we jump into the marital nitty-gritty, perhaps we should start with the proposal…”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

The proposal

“It’s fair to say that I was not expecting ‘the question’. I thought we were just going out to walk the dog by the river but someone had another plan entirely. We’d walked and got back to the spot on the bank where we’d first kissed and then… It’s a bit of a blur but there was a one-kneed proposal, a beautiful ring and lots of squealing from me. I was absolutely not cool at all but there you go.”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

First things first

“After a few days of celebrations, champagne and excitable messages from friends and family, we started thinking about The Wedding. The first point on the list was guest numbers - to me, this is a super sensible place to start because until you know roughly how many guests you’re going to have with you on the day, you can’t begin to look for venues and you can’t fix a date and then book suppliers until you’ve got a venue. So, our planning adventure started with a spreadsheet and a list of names that grew longer by the second. Not the most blissful introduction to the wedding world for Keith I think you’ll agree but sometimes, you just have to be a little bit sensible.”

“With a rough idea of the number of guests we wanted to be able to invite, we started looking for venues and one stood out to us straight away. We love where we live and this beautiful venue is just down the road so that immediately ticked boxes. It’s spacious, flexible and downright stunning so after a visit, a discussion with the events team and a check of the diary, we had our venue and a wedding date in July 2019.”

“Now, I’m very lucky because during my work, I’ve met lots of fabulous wedding professionals and the first supplier we booked once we had the date was our photographer, the wonderful Amanda Karen. I’ve written about how important great wedding photography is more times than I care to mention and Amanda was the natural choice. Plus, a photographer that messages you excitedly to talk details is always going to get the thumbs up from me.”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

“With a guest list, a venue, a photographer and even the makings of a gift list (thank you Prezola for making choosing lovely things so flipping easy!), we’re on track and feeling good. Bring on July 2019!”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

“However, the joy of these early wedding planning days has been the reaction of friends when we’ve asked them to be part of the day. We’ve had tears, hugs and cries of happiness and that’s just from the guys! We’ve totally felt the love over the last month and it’s made us even more excited for the big day - the countdown is on.”

A groom’s eye view

How’s this first month of wedding planning been for the groom-to-be? Well, here’s what he’s discovered so far:

“Ever since Tam said ‘hell yes’ it has been a bit of a whirlwind, getting to grips with the level of planning required to put this show on. One of the big surprises has been how much credit I seem to have received from Tam’s friends for actually picking the ring and for it being the right choice and the right size. I thought that was all part of it… that’s what happens in the movies right?”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

“The response to our engagement was overwhelming. Congratulations on Facebook, hand written cards and an announcement in the local paper (plus a follow up mention!), we’ve had it all. What is staggering is the amount of good wishes and love that comes your way. An engagement, it seems, doesn’t just bring the two of us closer, but our community as well.”

“When it came to setting the date we had to get a few things organised. Who do we want to be at the wedding? How many do we want at the wedding? Are the church and the venue available? Will the priest set his holiday back slightly to fit us in? Once all of these are ticked off, its go go go! Cue save the date cards and a spreadsheet that is becoming our collective mind covering guest lists, who will receive what and of course the all-important budget. It turns out wedding costs can easily get out of hand.”

“What we haven’t lost sight of though amongst all the frenzy of planning these initial stages, is that we are now engaged to be husband and wife. We have nearly a year until the big day but rather than wishing it away, we can make the most of knowing that we have each other and are about to commit to each other for the rest of our lives.”

How An Industry Expert Plans Their Wedding – Part One | CHWV

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Tamryn’s wedding planning next month!

All Images courtesy of Amanda Karen Photography


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