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How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

A sentimental favourite or something new and luxurious? We’ll help you decide how to pick your wedding fragrance.

We all know that certain scents always remind us of certain things. We also know that we use all our senses to remember important moments. So, with all that in mind, it makes sense that your wedding day perfume really is something special. Not only will it fragrance your day, it can also be with you for the rest of your life to rekindle those memories whenever you want.

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Valeria Boltneva

Planning your wedding fragrance

Just like all elements of your wedding, you need to plan your wedding perfume so that you can be sure you’re going to smell as wonderful as you look. You might end up with an entirely different scent or you could stay with your everyday favourite but don’t rush into making any decisions. This is a process to really enjoy!

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

Start by thinking about the style of wedding that you’re planning. Your wedding perfume will, if it’s chosen carefully, become an integral part of your day. Will you be saying your vows in a garden ceremony or planning a gorgeous countryside wedding? If so, a floral inspired scent would be perfect. For a woodland wedding or if your venue boasts lots of trees, orchards or even vines, yummy fruity scents are the way forward. City chic weddings need a scent that’s classically elegant so light, white florals and gorgeous green leaves will create the feeling that you need. Alternatively, a fresh, clean wedding fragrance can work anywhere if you prefer something light, beautiful and not at all overpowering.

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

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When you’re out shopping for your wedding perfume, here are a few things to remember:

  • Don’t wear any other perfume or scent when you go shopping. If you’re spraying scent on top of scent, you won’t get a real feel of the perfumes you’re trying.
  • You really need to spray those perfumes on your skin, not on paper strips. Our skins all vary hugely and so the same perfume can smell different on different people. Spritz on your pulse points but don’t go for more than two or three perfumes per trip.
  • Avoid snap judgements on perfumes, however much encouragement you’re getting from the sales assistant! You need at least thirty minutes for scents to settle on your skin and it’s only after this time that the fragrance develops fully.
  • Try an Eau de Parfum – these have higher oil contents than Eau de Toilettes and so they’ll last much longer on the day.
  • For a really fabulous bridal experience, why not book a scent consultation? Jo Malone for example offer great bridal experiences and they’ll even help you choose the perfect perfume combination for you if you’d like to create a signature scent for your wedding day.
  • Lastly, really consider something new for your wedding perfume, even if you just love your everyday scent. This will help you link your fragrance to your wedding day and it’ll feel extra special no the day. Don’t go for something wildly different though – you know what you like!

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

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How to wear your wedding perfume

Once you’ve chosen your wedding perfume, you need to choose how to wear it! These are our top tips for a sweetly smelling wedding day:

  • Consider ‘layering’. This means using a body lotion etc. that matches your wedding perfume. You can often buy perfumes and body accessories in gift sets which can save you money so if you like the thought of layering, this is something to look at when you’re shopping.
  • Remember not to spray your perfume on the back on your neck. Your hair makes your skin here extra warm and this can often affect your carefully chosen scent.
  • The best places to spritz are your ankles, behind the knees, inside your elbows and at those important pulse points – wrists, the nape of your neck and your décolletage too.
  • When you’re shopping, ask if you can have a small sample of your chosen perfume – this can slip easily into your wedding day kit so you can add a little scent before your evening reception.

How To Choose Your Wedding Perfume | CHWV

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