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How To Rock The Formal Groom Style

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

If you’ve planning a formal wedding, this is the feature every groom needs to read.

Traditional, formal wedding styling is making a big comeback and more and more guys are opting for old school style on the big day. To be the best-looking dapper chap and to bring the wow-factor to your wedding suits, here’s how to totally rock the formal groom style.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Ideas for formal groom attire

For weddings with timeless appeal, a formal look really is your best choice. Forget fads of fashion and hipster trends and instead, opt for a classic look that will always look fantastic. So, if you’re falling for the thought of formality, let’s take a look at your options for formal groomwear.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Kari Bellamy Photography


Firstly, let’s start with the morning suit. Forget the badly fitting hire suits of weddings past and instead, think of beautifully fitted and wonderfully flattering suits that are perhaps the epitome of English wedding style.

To rock this look, make sure that your suit jacket fits you well and if you can’t have your suit adjusted to fit you (if you’re hiring it, for example), make sure that the shoulders fit you perfectly, even if a few other elements aren’t quite perfect. A suit that fits you well on the shoulders is essential.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Green Antlers Photography


A morning suit jacket should also highlight your waist – you don’t want to look shapeless and bland, you want to look hot and well put-together. Trust us when we tell you that your partner will appreciate the effort that you put in here!

However, the morning suit isn’t the only formal style around and we’re seeing more and more black-tie weddings with grooms and groomsmen in amazing tuxedos. Tuxedos look fabulous for winter weddings or for celebrations that are taking place later in the day. They do have an ‘evening’ feel to them so can look a little out of place at high-summer day-time weddings but if this is what you want, go for it because there really are no ‘rules’.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Mike Cassimatis Photography

Patterns, fabrics & much more

Morning suits have undergone quite a makeover of late and now, plain black suit jackets are out. Opt instead for something with a slight weave or delicate pinstripe to add just the right amount of interest to your look. There are more ways to bring personality to this look that you might think.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Irene Yap Weddings


If you’re channelling your inner James Bond and wearing a tux, go for the classic look and don’t try to change anything. This is a quintessentially stylish look for a reason and there really aren’t many ways to improve this look so you’re definitely going to be wearing black. Here, your wedding suits should come complete with satin-striped trousers but feel free to leave the cummerbund behind – these don’t make anyone look better! But, if Gareth Southgate has become your style muse, a well-fitted waistcoat is a potential possibility. Speak to your tailor or suit hire shop about your options here.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of The Black Tux

Finishing touches for formal groomwear

If you’re rocking the morning suit look, think ‘elegance’ rather than ‘everything’. So, if you’re wearing a floral buttonholes (which you probably will be), you really don’t need a pocket square too. A crisp shirt is a must-have however as are immaculate shoes – choose black (but not patent) Oxfords and if you’d like a little texture, some Brogue-style detailing is just fine.

Also, consider your tie – cravats aren’t necessary and they don’t often do good things to a groom. Instead, choose a beautifully made tie forget the brightly coloured waistcoat – these are a big no-no! You’re aiming for sophistication, not comedy. Your waistcoat needs to sit around an inch below the waistband of your trousers and make sure you don’t go shorter than this. Trouser tops and flashes of shirt are not a good look for the formal groom.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Frances Sales Photography


To make sure your tux is wedding ready, a bow tie is your ultimate accessory and don’t go for a ‘ready tied’ version. Your wedding day deserves the best and that means a properly tied tie. As the ‘black tie’ dress code might suggest, your bow tie should be black so avoid the temptation to swap it for a coloured version. Bring colour to your look with your buttonhole if you must.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jessica Maida Photography


Patent shoes are A-Okay to team with your tux and here, brogues aren’t acceptable. Go for traditional evening shoes, a pocket square, a perfectly pressed shirt and stylish cufflinks. And, if you want to add some brightly coloured socks to your ensemble, we’d definitely approve.

How To Rock The Formal Groom Style | CHWV

Image courtesy of The Black Tux


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