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How To Style The Rustic Groom

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Find out the perfect way to nail that rustic groom style.

If there’s one wedding trend that’s as popular is the rustic look. We love this natural, organic, laidback style and we really love it when grooms embrace this wedding theme too. If you’re planning a rustic wedding and you’re looking for some hints and tips for the very best rustic groom style, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Rustic groom attire – the suit

Let’s start with the suit and the rustic groom really has to rock some tweed. Whether you go for the full tweed suit or just mix a tweed waistcoat or trousers with a mismatched jacket, it’s up to you. Whatever you do, avoid looking too matchy-matchy – being too perfectly coordinated doesn’t work with the rustic look at all. Mix tones, shades and fabrics and make sure that everything is super well fitting to give the best look possible.

When it comes to colours for your suit, earthy tones are definitely the ones to choose. Browns and greens come top of the list but blues can also look amazing. Add in a few interesting elements to your suit too – coloured buttons or stitching can really elevate your look and make tweed totally wedding ready.

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Carley Buick Photography

Rustic groom style – the shoes

Put your highly polished black shoes back in the wardrobe because they are not right for the rustic groom! Instead, brown brogues and lace up shoes or boots are the best options so choose the style that really works with your trousers and the rest of your outfit.

Rustic is absolutely still smart so make sure that your shoes are super clean and again, add in laces in a contrasting colour for a fab finishing touch. Pick out the colour of your buttonhole or some of your other accessories to show you’ve really thought about your whole style.

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Maria Modes

Rustic groom ideas – ties, hats and more

A tie always looks great with a suit and that’s definitely true with tweed. A textured tie in a slightly different shade will look great or choose a contrasting colour for more impact. If you’d prefer a slightly quirkier option, a bow tie is a great choice or, for a relaxed look, ditch the tie altogether.

The rustic groom can certainly rock braces! If you’re going to keep a waistcoat on all day then braces aren’t really necessary but if waistcoats aren’t your thing then a cool pair of braces just adds a touch of personality to your look.

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Hats aren’t just for women at weddings so why not think about wearing a dapper headpiece yourself? Tweed flat caps look brilliant and can definitely be worn again post-wedding.

Think about your shirt too. Whilst a classic plain shirt will always look wonderful, a checked or patterned shirt gives you the opportunity to really put your own stamp on your wedding day look. Checked shirts do have a real country feel about them and you can go for a more subtle check if a vibrant design feels too much.

How To Style The Rustic Groom | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Alexa Penberthy Photography


The finishing touch to any groom’s look should be his buttonhole. A rustic wedding calls for a rustic buttonhole. Don’t be afraid to add in feathers and foliage, berries and botanicals to your flowers. Finish the buttonhole with string or twine and you’re all set for your wedding day.


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