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Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

Check out these important questions to help you pick the perfect wedding videographer!

Finding the right wedding videographer can be a bit tricky, especially as not many of us have had much to do with filming and camera operators in the past. We spoke to Joe from Perfect Day Production about everything you need to ask before picking your videographer, so read on for his top tips!

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

1. How long have you been filming weddings for?

It’s important to get a good idea of how experienced your videographer is from the start. While this doesn’t necessarily dictate how good they are, a more experienced supplier will have been there and done that and will likely be more prepared for whatever happens on the day.

Having filmed weddings for over seven years now, I think our experience provides the couples we film with a sense of reassurance.

2. What kind of style are your wedding videos?

Videographers will often have their own preferences and techniques which makes them unique but many fit into the bracket of reportage or cinematic. The former style captures the events of the day as they happen with minimal interference, like a fly on the wall. This way nothing is staged and everything is natural. Cinematic videography focuses on the emotion and drama of the day, using montages and slow motion for maximum effect.

I personally like to use a bit of both. Letting the day progress naturally and then editing to the couple’s chosen soundtrack. Our style is very much dictated by the couple and their tastes, however.

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Treasured Moments

3. How does your pricing work?

Many videographers will offer a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets so always check what is available. We offer a choice but will also come up with a bespoke plan so you get everything you are looking for.

We have a number of packages to try and cater for each couple and their needs. Its all very flexible and any package can be tailored to their needs.

4. What do you need from us?

While your videographer will take care of pretty much everything, you will have to provide them with some details in advance. Addresses, names and the order of the day are all vital to make sure everything is captured.

I like to meet up with couples in advance to go over all the finer details but also just to get to know each other better. This normally puts any worries at ease and helps them relax in front of the camera on the day.

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Picture Wales

5. Have you shot at our venue before?

It’s always nice for the videographer or photographer to know the venue as they will have an idea of where there are particularly good shots, but it shouldn’t put you off if they haven’t. A professional should be able to get excellent shots in any environment, new or old and most will visit a venue they are unfamiliar with before the day itself. I personally find it quite exciting filming at a new venue and finding all its interesting places and shots.

6. What part of the wedding do you film?

This again comes under the packages category really. We offer everything from just the vows and speeches to the whole day, early morning preparations and all. It’s all up to what you want and what the videographer offers.

7. Will you be the person filming our wedding?

I am very hands-on and like to cover all of our weddings, although some companies will have a number of videographers on their books. It’s best to find out before so you know what to expect.

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Perfect Day Production

8. Will there be a secondary camera operator?

This is normally down to each videographer’s preference but it should be made clear from the start how many people you can expect to be filming. Often a second camera operator will mean a higher price for the job but will be able to capture the day from a different perspective, so it’s about working out your priorities before committing to anything.

9. Can you recommend any photographers?

Videographers often get to know photographers from working weddings with them so will likely be able to recommend a few. Whoever you choose though, both suppliers will work together to make sure they both get everything they need from the day.

10. When can we expect the finished video?

Each videographer will have their own timescale and should make you fully aware of it when you first speak to them. I always keep couples up-to-date with when they can expect their video and also warn them in advance if I have a particularly busy period coming up.

Must-Ask Questions For Your… Wedding Videographer | CHWV

Image Courtesy of Wedding Videography School

So what’s your top tip for finding the right videographer?

There is plenty of choice when looking for a videographer so it’s important to find out who is right for you. It’s not just important to enjoy their work but also their personality and their manner on the day. Recommendations from family and friends are always good but I would also suggest taking the time to chat and meet them yourself.

A big thanks to Joe from Perfect Day Production for providing us with all his expert advice. Make sure you check out their website for expert wedding videography in Cheshire, Wales and beyond.

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