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Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Every bride wants a gorgeous glow and that starts with fabulous skin. Discover the best wedding skincare tips right here.

We’ve all heard that brides just glow on their wedding day but what’s the real secret of looking fabulous on your big day? Well, it all starts with your skin and it’s never too early to start the pre-wedding preparation. We spoke to Maxine Wilson, a truly brilliant wedding makeup artist, to find out her very best skincare tips and what you should be doing right through the build-up to the big day.

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Skincare for weddings

Maxine agrees that it’s never too early, or too late, to start looking after your skin for your wedding. The first thing to work on is your skincare routine and Maxine explains why this is super important:

“In an ideal world you would have monthly facials tailored to your skin’s specific requirements, but they can be very expensive so three in the run-up to the wedding can be a good compromise.”

“Having said that, there really is no substitute for looking after your skin. By this I mean not only a good skincare routine but eating well and, most importantly, drinking plenty of water. You should be aiming for at least two litres of water per day, ideally more. I find making up large bottles of filtered water and keeping them in the fridge means that I drink more than constantly having to fill my glass.”

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

“Of course skincare is also important. A regular routine is crucial in ensuring your skin looks tip top for your big day. I highly recommend a cream cleanser rather than a foaming one (foaming agents do all kinds of nasty stuff to your skin) and of course it goes without saying that microbeads are a no-no. Cream cleansers such as Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and Aurelia Miracle Cleanser are both fab options. I believe in double cleansing (first cleanse to remove makeup/grime of the day, second cleanse to actually clean the skin) as advocated by skincare guru Caroline Hirons.”

“Once you’ve cleansed then it’s time for a toner. Toners are a misunderstood and wide ranging product with many various purposes! One of my favourites is Pixi Glow Tonic which is a brilliant way to gently exfoliate the skin and encourage renewal.”

“Finally - a moisturiser. Don’t be afraid to add oil to the skin. I know we spent our teenage years stripping every last drop of oil from our faces but oil is actually very important in keeping skin soft, supple and looking young! Don’t be afraid of it! I see a lot of clients who say that their skin is very oily, when actually they are encouraging oil production by taking too much oil out through their products. A night oil is a fabulous and luxurious way of looking after your skin, as are face masks. With both products, you will get what you pay for.”

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Wedding skincare tips – what to do and when

In the month before your wedding, things are likely to get busy and if you’re going to start feeling a little stressed, this will be the time that it hits. It’s really important to look after your skin now to make sure that it’s looking its best for the big day.

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Maxine has a fabulous countdown for the final month:

“In the month before the wedding, make sure you’re sticking to your routine, there really is no shortcut to fabulous skin. Ensure you’re not getting sunburned and book a final facial. This is not the time to try new products or treatments, so keep to what you know.”

“In the week leading up to the big day, it is almost inevitable that you will get the mother of all spots breaking out! Please, try not to fiddle with it! Makeup artists can cover redness and blemishes, but covering a swollen, weepy spot is almost impossible. If you have any adverse reactions to any beauty treatments, contact your makeup artist for advice on what to do - we have heard it all before!”

Skincare Tips For Your Wedding Day | CHWV

“The night before, complete your evening skincare routine and try and get an early night. Just like Christmas, the sooner you go to bed, the sooner the day will arrive! Enjoy a drink but remember it’s a marathon not a sprint and limit them to two glasses.”

“On the day of the wedding, relax, sit back and enjoy being pampered! Your hair and makeup artist will have you glowing in no time!”

Of course, what you eat also has an impact on your skin and your overall health. Find out what to eat before your wedding day here.

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