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The A-Z Of Wedding Planning

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

Get off to a flying start with your wedding planning by using our handy A-Z guide.

It's time to stop dreaming and start doing when it comes to wedding planning. But, with so many ideas to consider, it's easy to get carried away or feel overwhelmed.

That's where this A-Z comes in - we share our top wedding planning tips to get your dream day off to a flying start.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

A is for Aisle

For many couples, this is the moment they've been waiting for. Imagine yourself taking those steps into your ceremony - what is the atmosphere like and where are you?

Thinking about this now will help you whittle down your list of potential venues to find the best option for you.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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B is for Bridesmaids

Whether you have lots of bridesmaids or only one, matching dresses or unique styles, your best girls will be a huge support on your special day.

C is for Catering

Catering is one of the elements of wedding planning that requires you to fork out the most. Choose a menu that suits your style and spend.

D is for Dress

From princess dresses to elegant A-lines, figure-hugging fishtails and bohemian styles, shop around and do your research to find what’s right for you.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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E is for Exclusive Use

Exclusive use wedding venues have soared to the top of couples’ wedding planning priority lists and it's easy to see why. Your venue is yours and yours alone for the day, perfect!

F is for Flowers

Flowers bring romance by the bucket-load to weddings, but they can drain your budget. Make your money go further by buying flowers that are local and in season and avoid expensive imports.

G is for Guest List

Guest lists can be a big wedding planning headache, but it doesn't need to be. Start with a list of everyone and then begin the elimination process. Not seen them for a year? Don't keep in touch? Off the list they go!

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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H is for Honeymoon

After a busy few months or years of wedding planning, you've earned yourselves a post-wedding treat. You could ask for honeymoon funds instead of wedding gifts from your guests!

I is for Invites

Save the dates come first, with invitations following around two months before the big day.

J is for Just Engaged

When you've just got engaged, you'll be feeling more in love and excited than ever. It’s easy to rush into wedding planning head first, but pause, take a breath and work out your priorities.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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K is for Kiss

Your first kiss as newlyweds will likely be your most watched and most photographed PDA ever! It can help to calm nerves to have a quick chat about how you'll do it beforehand. It’s always good to plan!

L is for Local Suppliers

Choosing local vendors has many wedding planning benefits. Reduced travel costs and expert local insight will definitely help!

M is for Marriage Vows

This is the most momentous part of your ceremony! You could write your own personalised promises for a truly unique celebration, but don't leave this to the last minute! Remember the registrar or celebrant will need to approve your wordings too.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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N is for the Night Before

Plan something special for your last night pre-wedding. Making plans will help you to relax and enjoy the experience from start to finish.

O is for On the Day

A lot goes on on your wedding day so ensure things run like clockwork by working closely with your venue and create an order of the day sign or leaflet for guests.

P is for Pets at Weddings

When your four-legged friends are part of the family, it's only natural to want to include them, but it does require careful wedding planning.

Double check with your venue that pets can attend, hire a pet sitter to take care of them and think about their personality and what they'll enjoy.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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Q is for Question Time

Go to each venue and supplier consultation armed with a list of questions. It’s so easy to forget to ask about essential details otherwise!

R is for Readings

Readings are a brilliant way to set the tone of your ceremony and give your nearest and dearest a special role. For religious ceremonies, you'll need one religious and one non-religious reading.

S is for Styling

When you first start wedding planning, think about the style of your day. Do you dream of country house glamour, the rustic romance of a barn or the enchantment of an outdoor ceremony? Use this to find your perfect venue!

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

Image courtesy of Pocketful of Dreams

T is for Timing

Things tend to take longer than you expect on your wedding day - you are organising potentially hundreds of people, after all. Make sure that there's something going on at all points for happy guests.

U is for Unique

One of the biggest challenges can be managing other people's ideas and expectations. Accept advice where you'd like it, but go with your gut.

V is for Venues

Finding the venue is maybe the most important part of the planning process! Take your time to find the one and don't feel rushed to put down a deposit - it needs to be the perfect setting for you.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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W is for Weather

It’s sad to say it but the weather won't always go your way. That needn't put a dampener on your dream day though. A wet weather backup plan is essential, so make sure you love plan B as much as plan A and you'll be happy either way.

X is for Expert Advice (kind of)

When you invest in a wedding supplier, you're not just buying their product or service. You're paying for their expert wedding planning tips too, so make use of them!

Y is for Your Day, Your Way

The most important thing for all your wedding planning ideas is to ensure that your celebration reflects you as a couple. Nail that and you're onto a winner.

The A-Z Of Wedding Planning | CHWV

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Z is for Zzzz

Book an exclusive-use venue with accommodation on site and you won’t have far to totter with tired party feet. After a dreamy night, you'll wake as newlyweds to a celebratory breakfast with friends and family, ready to reminisce...


So many plans to make and too little time to do it? Don't panic - we've put together the perfect guide for you. Use the top tips here to Stay Focused While Wedding Planning and make the most of the time you have available.