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Wedding Ideas By Colour: White Wedding Flowers

Wedding Ideas By Colour: White Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Is there anything more beautiful than white wedding flowers for your special day? Probably not!

White is traditionally associated with weddings and there is perhaps nothing more romantic or elegant than an arrangement of glorious white wedding flowers. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite white blooms, from contemporary calla lilies to romantic roses.

Wedding Ideas By Colour: White Wedding Flowers | CHWV


The perfect choice for a centrepiece, amaryllis is also known as a belladonna lily. An amaryllis bouquet would definitely suit a contemporary wedding too.

Wedding Ideas By Colour: White Wedding Flowers - Amaryllis | CHWV

Images courtesy of T&S Photography and Stephen Karlisch


Pretty as a picture, asters are daisies and a great filler for a country style venue. White asters combine wonderfully with other country blooms such as lavender and muscari too.

Wedding Ideas By Colour: White Wedding Flowers - Asters | CHWV

Images courtesy of Petit Soleil and Garrett Tetrick Photography

Calla Lily

Cool and contemporary, calla lilies work well in bouquets and table arrangements. Sometimes all you need is a beautiful bloom and a pristine white ribbon!

White Wedding Flowers perfect for your big day

Images courtesy of Love Shack Photo and Erica Velasco Photography


Carnations look wonderful on their own, tightly packed in bouquets or arrangements. Alternatively, wow your guests with a beautiful floral curtain.

White Carnation Wedding Flowers perfect for your big day

Images courtesy of Eat, Drink, Garden and Lindsey Orton Photography


Also known as baby’s breath, gypsophila is a pretty flowering plant often used in arrangements. It’s also relatively inexpensive making it a great choice to use as a filler or by itself. It makes for an effortlessly romantic bouquet addition or chair decoration for your ceremony.

Gypsophila is a great option as a white wedding flower

Images courtesy of McKenzie Brown Photography and Kate Grey Photography


Available in many colours, hydrangeas are oh-so-pretty and can be used throughout your day. They’re a must in a white floral display and look great as pew end decorations.

White Hydrangea Wedding Flowers perfect for your big day

Images courtesy of Trent Bailey Photography and Hunter Ryan Photo

Lily of the Valley

Delicate and with a beautiful fragrance, lily of the valley can be expensive so is often used sparingly, perhaps just in your bouquet. Saying that, this breathtaking arrangement is stunning!

Lily of the Valley white wedding flowers

Images courtesy of Carolyne Roehm and The Edges


The ultimate wedding flower, roses are available in so many shades, including lots of incredible shades of white and cream. They make a wonderful addition to a bouquet and look amazing when used on their own too!

Ultimate wedding flowers in white are Roses

Images courtesy of Myrtle & Mint and Braedon Photography

Sweet Pea

A symbol of lasting happiness, sweet peas are beautifully scented but don’t last for long out of water. Consider having them in vases as part of your table centres.

Sweet Pea white wedding flowers

Images courtesy of Kate Crabtree Photography and Christian OTH Studio


Simple and elegant, tulips are wonderfully versatile and make great buttonholes. They’re perfect for a contemporary look when used on their own too.

White Tulip Wedding Flowers for your Wedding Day

Images courtesy of Lisa Lefkowitz Photography and Lloyd Photographers


If you love the idea of white flowers, why not carry it through with a completely white wedding theme.