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13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day | CHWV

Don’t be daunted by the huge party you’re about to plan. Keep the vibe fun and the process pain-free with these 13 relaxed wedding ideas.

Small but perfectly formed

An intimate wedding is almost always a stress-free celebration. With only your nearest and dearest present, you don’t need to worry about catering for hundreds of guests. Cutting back the invitation list to the people you love most makes for a laid-back wedding.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Small but perfectly formed | CHWV

Image courtesy of Will Fuller Photography

Dig-in dinners

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to food, and fussy eaters can cause a pickle when it comes to planning.

Forget formal three-course set menus and opt for a buffet of sharing dishes – with a variety on offer, there’s bound to be something everyone likes. Low-key wedding catering at its finest!

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Dig-in dinners | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ed Brown Photography

Stop chasing perfection

Speak to any couple and they will tell you there were tiny things that didn’t quite go to plan about their wedding. But did it matter? Of course not! Your guests won’t notice any small missing details, and neither will you when you’re swept away in the moment of at all.

Mix and mingle

Seating plans. Two words that can strike fear into any newlyweds’ hearts.

Cast your place names aside and choose a more relaxed wedding approach: no seating plan at all. Hop between tables, spend time with each of your guests and let them do the same.

Couture comfort food

Nothing says laid-back wedding like comfort food – only this is comfort food done in style. Think casually cool canapes like mini fish and chip cones or bite-sized Yorkshire puddings.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Couture comfort food | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ed Brown Photography

Take your time

There’s no rush. Spread out planning your dream day over a year or two. Give yourself plenty of time to suss out what’s available: venues, suppliers, photographers - the works.

It will also avoid any last-minute worries of whether guests will be able to make it, as you can get a save the date out far in advance.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day | CHWV

Crunch the numbers

Weddings are often beautiful, opulent affairs and with so many products and suppliers out there, it can be tempting to splurge. But nothing causes stress quite like money worries, so if you want to enjoy a relaxed wedding then budgeting is key.

Crunch the numbers, set a budget and ask suppliers what their costs are up front before you fall head over heels for them.

Winning waistcoats

Throw off your jacket and just wear a waistcoat for a laid-back look, or shrug it off after the ceremony to leave behind the formal feel.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Winning waistcoats | CHWV

Image courtesy of Wu Jianxiong

List it

Lists are the secret to a stress-free wedding – you’ll have lots of them. Lists for you to remember, lists for suppliers, lists for the venue and lists for any helpful family and friends involved in your big day.

Your organisation will pay off when you can enjoy being pampered on the big day as your dream team take care of the rest.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - List it | CHWV

Image courtesy of Natalie Chiverton Photography

Pace yourselves

Everything takes longer than you might think. Encouraging guests from one location to another, posing for photos… It all adds up. Don’t try to cram too much into your day. Leave yourself plenty of time so you can enjoy the moments as they happen rather than rushing to the next.

Dial back the décor

Natural flowers and trailing greenery give an instantly more relaxed look. Swap formal floral arrangements for seasonal styles with a wilder edge. Try milk bottle posies or vintage buckets brimming with hedgerow blooms for a low-key wedding.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Dial back the decor | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lydia Stamps Photography

Set the scene

Rustic venues lend themselves well to a relaxed wedding. Consider barns, boat houses and tipis rather than traditional country manors. Space to spread out and homely décor guarantees a laid-back vibe.

Follow your hearts

Stay true to your own style. Come the big day, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed in a setting that suits you.

13 Ways To Have a Relaxed Wedding Day - Follow your hearts | CHWV

Image courtesy of Daniela K Photography


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