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15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Discover green weddings that are trend-setting and totally achievable with these eco-friendly wedding ideas.

1. Local luxuries

The easiest eco-friendly wedding ideas start with your suppliers. Invite a locally based team to bring your wedding together. This will give the local economy a boost while cutting down on fuel use and transport times.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Daffodil Waves Photography

2. Rein it in

Wedding stationery is designed to make you swoon, but it also encourages you to spend. Save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, menu inserts, table names... It soon adds up to a significant amount of paper as well as pounds.

Look for items you could leave out, or alternative materials you could use, for an eco-friendly wedding twist to traditional paper goods.

3. Make a buzz

Wildflower-infused wedding invitations and favours are readily available, so use them to add a bee friendly addition to your big day. Simply ask guests to plant the paper goods and watch pollinator-friendly plants spring up in their place.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jodi & Kurt Photography

4. Something borrowed

We’d be willing to bet that you’re not the only couple looking for log slices, lanterns or festoon lights. Visit reclaimed sites to snap up bargains second hand and give preloved products a new lease of life. This environmentally friendly wedding idea is one every couple could try.

5. Slow style

Sustainability doesn’t only apply to the food you eat and the flowers you buy. It extends to your outfits too. Seek out British-based designers who sketch, source and sew your dress or suit right here in the UK, saving you hundreds of shipping miles.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Sanyukta Shrestha

6. Go plastic free

As the tide turns against single-use plastics, a whole host of alternatives spring up to help. Look for compostable alternatives to conventional plastic goods (these are especially handy for food truck menus). And if plastic is the only way to go, aim to use items produced from already recycled materials, then do your bit with the waste to ensure the cycle continues.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Pinterest

7. Green wedding venues

Take your eco-friendly wedding to an all new height by booking a green wedding venue. Look out for locations that create their own power from sustainable sources or that give back to the environment with every wedding they book.

8. Waste not, want not

Reduce your food bill and your wedding day waste by only providing as much food and drink as your guests will actually consume. They’ll have a great time and you’ll save money while reducing your demands on the planet too.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Unsplash

9. Be our guest

Reducing the size of your guest list will go a long way to making yours a green wedding. Fewer guests mean fewer tables to set and mouths to feed, requiring far less resources than a large scale celebration.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

10. Raise a glass

Choose a single style bar for your evening party (think gin or mix and match cocktails) and give each guest a glass. They can drink, dance and do it all over again, refilling as they go. Not only does this reduce the water and energy involved in washing up, it also means fewer glasses to transport for the hirer. Green weddings, made simple!

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Benjamin Stuart Photography

11. Ditch the dress code

You don’t need to abandon all hopes of a beautifully kitted out wedding party with this eco-friendly wedding idea. Instead of buying new outfits to be worn once then abandoned to the closet, ask your bridesmaids and ushers to wear a suit, dress, or shoes they already have within your chosen colour scheme.

12. Eco-friendly favours

Rather than shell out for single-use items to treat your guests, why not make your favours more meaningful? You could donate that portion of your budget to a conservation charity. Many, like the Woodland Trust, have special dedications all set for you to choose from.

13. Plant power

Wedding flowers - they’re picked, imported, arranged and within days they wilt and die. The process demands countless air miles, floral foam and reams of plastic wrap.

Opt for potted plants for your table centres and ceremony blooms, on the other hand, and they’ll live for years, forever reminding you of your dream day. Choose a terracotta pot and peat-free compost for an eco-friendly wedding.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of We are the Lou’s

14. Home time

Book a venue that provides accommodation and not only do you enjoy the luxury of a honeymoon suite, you also do your bit for the planet. More people staying the night means a lower carbon footprint, as fewer taxi journeys to hotels are required. This is one of the easiest eco-friendly wedding ideas and one your guests will appreciate too.

15 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Image courtesy of Real Simple Photography

15. Staycation

Seek our honeymoon locations close to home within the British Isles to instantly scale back your air miles. Even better if they’ve been accredited for green tourism or offer luxury off-the-grid...


Wondering how to introduce environmentally friendly wedding ideas from start to finish of your celebrations? Check out our A-Z of wedding planning to make a start.