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Children At Weddings – Yes Or No?

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Trying to find an answer to this tricky question? Here are some top tips to help you decide whether to invite children to your wedding or not.

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

When it comes to wedding planning, nothing divides couples quite like the issue of children at weddings. Some people love celebrations filled with children playing while others don’t love the thought of kids at weddings and opt for a child-free day. If you’re deciding what to do or if you’d like to know more about the ups and downs of children at weddings, read on…

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Kelsie Low Photography

Including children at weddings

For – if you decide to include children in your wedding day, it’s much easier for their parents to come to. No one has to arrange childcare or make arrangements for sitters so you’re more likely to get a lot of positive responses to your invitations.

Against – there’s no denying the fact that kids are unpredictable. If you invite children, you can’t guarantee that you’ll have silence throughout your vows and you can’t be sure that there won’t be sticky hands on your dress or little fingers undoing your decorations!

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Joanna Nicole Photography


For – is there anything cuter than photos of children having fun at weddings or being enthralled by the bride as she arrives for the ceremony? Kids can bring a lot of unscripted joy to your wedding day.

Against – weddings are really long days and they can definitely be boring for children. To keep them happy (and to help their parents!), you’ll need to plan a few activities for the little ones to enjoy and arrange child-friendly food options too.

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Darek Smietana Photography


For – even adults often love the entertainment that’s really been planned for children so if you set out garden games or even hire a bouncy castle, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy them!

Against – if your venue has a strict limit on numbers, children will count towards this figure and this might mean that some adults don’t make the cut for the guest list. By not including children, you might be able to invite more of your friends and wider family.

Saying no to kids at weddings

For – it’s a day off for the parents! Lots of adults love the idea of celebrating without having to keep an eye on their kids and child-free weddings can be more popular with parents than you might think.

Against – parents of super young children or babies might not be able to leave them for the whole day so you might have guests leaving the party early or not being able to come at all if their children aren’t invited too.

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Image courtesy of M&J Photography


For – if you’re hoping for a super sophisticated day without unscheduled interruptions, you’re much more likely to get this if you don’t invite children. You won’t have any crying during your ceremony and you can plan a totally adult-friendly day.

Against – not inviting the children of your friends and family can certainly cause problems and it’s not uncommon for some guests to take offence that their children haven’t been included on the invitation. If you go child-free, you might need to be prepared for a little flak.

Children At Weddings – Yes Or No? | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cassandra Lane Photography


For – inviting children will definitely affect your budget. Will you need to book a crèche service or nanny? Will you need extra entertainment for children? Child meals and drinks will still incur a cost and even making up activity packs for younger guests can really add up.

Against – if you say no to children at your wedding, it’s going to be tough to invite a couple along if you want flower girls or page boys/ring bearers. Trying to explain to some guests why a few ‘special’ children have been invited is not a fun job at all!

So, as you can see, there’s not one answer to the question of whether you should invite kids to your wedding. Ultimately, as with all things, you should do what suits you both and what will work with the style of your wedding. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’re happy with your decision so that on the day, you can just enjoy the occasion, with or without children!


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