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How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom | CHWV

Grooms, it’s time to get yourself wedding ready with our great male grooming tips. From skincare and haircare to pre-wedding manicures and waxes, don’t miss our guide to looking great.

Guys, it’s never too early to start preparing for your big day so it’s time to give yourself some pre-wedding self-care. It’s all too easy to think that it’s just the brides who want to look good but that’s absolutely not the case. Grooms (and groomsmen), here’s our guy’s guide to male grooming to make sure that you look as good as you feel on the biggest day of your life.

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom | CHWV

Male grooming for weddings

Male grooming for weddings has definitely become more popular over recent years and that’s not surprising. Guys are spending more than ever before on looking good and frankly, if you can’t give yourself a bit of TLC before your wedding, when can you?

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom - Male grooming for weddings | CHWV

Image courtesy of Tom Halliday Photography


So, when should you start your pre-wedding regime? Well, all the experts agree that sooner rather than later is the best way to go. If you’re using your wedding as an excuse to hit the gym or eat more healthily, give yourself as much time as possible because you’re not going to notice changes overnight.

Similarly, think about your skin well before the wedding too. Cutting down on alcohol, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep will all help improve your skin so start this early. Cleansing and moisturising will make a big difference so if this isn’t already part of your daily routine, give it a go.

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom - Male grooming for weddings | CHWV

Image courtesy of Devin Avery


If you really want to treat yourself, book a few spa treatments. A facial that’s tailored to male skin can be jaw-droppingly brilliant and you might want to consider a pre-wedding manicure too. Your hands and nails will be given a total overhaul and as your hands will definitely be photographed on your big day, you’ll be glad that your digits are looking their best.

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom | CHWV

Image courtesy of Terri and Lori Photography


Don’t forget your wedding scent either. Are you going to wear the same aftershave as always or will you opt for something new for your big day? Spend some time on this before your wedding and make sure that you have total trust in your antiperspirant too. Your wedding day is not the time to realise that your everyday deodorant isn’t cut out for the big occasions.

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom - Male grooming for weddings | CHWV

Image courtesy of Tom Halliday Photography

More male grooming tips

We know that you’re probably going to over-indulge on your stag do, so make sure it’s at least a month before your wedding. This will give your system a chance to recover before your wedding because let’s be honest, you don’t want spots or dark circles ruining your look.

However, if you’re hit with eye bags or a break-out on the big day, don’t panic. Grab yourself an under-eye gel that will soothe your eyes and make you look as if you’ve had a solid 10 hours sleep. For spots, don’t squeeze them – broken skin is way more noticeable than a plain old pimple. If you want to, apply a little cover-up or rub the area with an ice cube to take down any swelling.

When it comes to your hair, plan ahead. Book your final trim in the week before your wedding so that you’re looking super neat on the big day and think about your style too. A classic look is definitely best so speak to your barber or hairdresser about products that will work for your look. Have a few practice runs before your wedding if you’re using new products so that come the day itself, you’re an expert at getting the look you want.

How To Be A Well-Groomed Groom - More male grooming tips | CHWV

Image courtesy of Daffodil Waves Photography


Your wedding might also be the time that you consider a little professional help. Lots of beauty salons offer services to help you get your brows under control and if your brows have got a life of their own, now’s the time to take them in hand. A gentle shape and tidy is all that’s required and we can promise that you won’t leave looking like a startled rabbit – you’ll be you, just a little neater!

Finally, let’s talk about shaving. Unless you rock the hipster beard or stubbly style all the time, you should be clean shaven on your wedding day and yes, this means shaving on the morning of the wedding. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid nicks and remember that a fresh blade is an absolute must. You want to be a well-groomed groom after all!


Guys, while you’re with us, why not find out a bit more about your own personal look? Find out what style of groom you are right here.