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How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months | CHWV

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It might sound a little scary but planning a wedding in six months can be done! As long as you stick to the plan and get organised, you could be walking up that aisle in no time. Here are our top tips for organising a last-minute wedding.

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How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months | CHWV

First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of holding a wedding in six months so you know what to expect.


Offers – We’ll cut right to the chase. Holding a last-minute wedding might mean you can take advantage of some amazing deals, particularly when it comes to your venue. While you might struggle to find any availability in the busiest months, you will notice that dates in spring, autumn and winter come at a reduced rate. This can be the same with your suppliers too!

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No waiting – Wedding planning can seem like it consumes your life for an eternity, especially when you’ve got a couple of years until you tie the knot. A six-month wedding though means there is no hanging around and you can enjoy being in the moment as you plan your perfect day.


Availability – Simply put, managing to find a date where all your favourite suppliers are available is going to be tricky, especially if you’ve got your heart set on a peak season date. Be prepared to have to look into plenty of different options and be flexible with your plans where possible.

The workload – A wedding is a big event to organise and, unless you’re planning a low-key and laid-back day, you might find yourself with quite a lot on your plate in a short space of time. If you don’t mind being super busy though, everything will be alright!

So how do you plan a last-minute wedding?


1. Find the place

Your venue is the most important part, so this has to be first on your list! Once you have this sorted, you can start putting the rest of your day together. To help speed the process up, give our wedding venue specialists a call on 01244 571208.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Find the place | CHWV

Image courtesy of Charlotte King Photography


2. Make it official

Now the setting is chosen, book the registrar or church straight away and give your notice of marriage. Without a registrar, there won’t be a civil ceremony!

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Make it official | CHWV

Image courtesy of Luke Slattery Photography


3. Photographers, DJs and florists

Think about your most important suppliers first and get them booked as soon as your date is confirmed. There is more chance that these will be booked up, but those with availability may offer a reduced rate.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Photographers, DJs and florists | CHWV

Image courtesy of Daffodil Waves Photography


4. Send the invites

We’d suggest skipping the save the dates and getting the invites sent to give your guests plenty of time to make plans. If you’re having a gift list, it’s best to get this sorted beforehand and include it with the invite too.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Send the invites | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ilaria Petrucci


5. Dress to impress

Bespoke wedding dresses can take between six and 12 months, so instead find an off the shelf gown which you can have altered. The same goes for your bridesmaids and the groom too.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Dress to impress | CHWV

Image courtesy of Leah Lombardi Photography


6. Choose your rings

Time to go ring shopping with enough time to order them and have them adjusted if necessary.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Choose your rings | CHWV

Image courtesy of Pixie Abbott Photography


7. All about the cake

Although cake makers would ideally have more notice, if you shop around you should be able to find someone to create a bespoke cake for your big day. There are plenty of options for shop-bought options out there, so make sure you check the high streets and supermarkets.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - All about the cake | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jarek Lepak Photography


8. Readings and ceremony music

Decide on your readings and what music you will have played during your ceremony. Your bridesmaids and best man might be able to help you out with this to save you time.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - Readings and ceremony music | CHWV

Image courtesy of Duntons Photography


9. The honeymoon and hen do

Good news, a last-minute honeymoon could save you money too! Use our honeymoon destination quiz to help you find your perfect location. When it comes to the hen and stag do, it might be a bit late notice to be arranging trips abroad, so explore your options closer to home instead.


10. The final touches

If you’re super organised and have time to sort out lots of decorative touches then great, but our advice would be don’t bite off more than you can chew! Just a few little touches will be more effective than lots of bits that don’t work together. Also, have a think about whether you really need favours or not, you could save yourself time and money if you decide against them.

How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months - The final touches | CHWV

Image courtesy of Studio Rouge


And that’s it, you’re ready to say ‘I do’! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Get your last-minute wedding planning started the perfect way by taking a look at all our amazing wedding venue offers and start planning your 2019 wedding today.