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The Best Winter Wedding Drinks

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks | CHWV

Planning a winter wedding? Discover how you can have a decadent drinks reception with the ultimate winter wedding drinks.

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks | CHWV

Mull it over

Firm festive favourites, winter wedding drinks wouldn’t be complete without deliciously spiced mulled wine and mulled cider. Add nutmeg, ginger or a splash of orange juice for extra flavour. Opt for serve-yourself dispensers for a laid-back feel.

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks - Mull it over | CHWV

Image courtesy of Gaby Dyson

Custom cocoa

Have a hot chocolate station complete with a range of garnishes to customise your cocoa. Children can pile drinks high with toasted marshmallows, chocolate flakes and whipped cream, while adults add a splash of rum or Bailey’s for an alcoholic twist. One of the best loved drinks for a winter wedding!

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks - Custom cocoa | CHWV

Image courtesy of Eiliv Sonas-Aceron

Pour a Pimm’s

They invented a winter blend for a reason! Swap summer additions like strawberries for dried orange slices and blackberries for fruity winter wedding drinks. Serve the garnishes in cut glass dishes to add a luxe sparkle to your country house setting.

On ice

For those who like their drinks served ice cold, try a take on popular cocktails by turning them into a cooler. It couldn’t be easier. Simply add crushed ice to the usual recipes for a refreshing chill to party drink favourites.

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks - On ice | CHWV

Image courtesy of Adam Jaime

Warm up with whisky

A popular winter spirit, why not upcycle a wooden barrel to create a rustic whisky station? A dram or two is sure to warm up your guests, while the serving station will add to the character of your décor. A great choice for barn venues or displayed on an antique writing desk in a manor.

Sprinkle the spice

Stock up on spiced beverages and do-it-yourself garnishes for the taste of Christmas in your winter wedding drinks. Spiced rum is always a winner. For the ultimate winter tipple, add hot water to rum with a dusting of nutmeg, brown sugar and cinnamon.

The Best Winter Wedding Drinks - Sprinkle the spice | CHWV

Image courtesy of Tomas Jasovsky

Gift a mug

Swap wedding favours for a personalised mug with your wedding date on, which guests can refill with cocoa or mulled drinks all night long.

Stock the refill station high with decadent garnishes and winter themed treats. Think candy canes, winter berries and chocolate flakes piled high. A dusting of cinnamon sugar here, a contrasting twist of peppermint there…

Not only is this a practical solution to winter wedding drinks, it also gives your guests a lovely keepsake to remember your day with.


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