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The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

What happens after you’ve tied the knot? Here’s our post-wedding checklist to help you out!

When it comes to wedding planning, you’ll know exactly what you need to do in the build-up to the day. However, when it comes to newlywed life, there’s less information around even though you’ve still got things to do. Here’s our complete post-wedding checklist to make sure that you’re as organised after the wedding as you were before it!

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

1. The first thing to do after the wedding is to rest! Whether you’re going on honeymoon or taking a little time out at home, you’re likely to be tired out after the day. Take it easy on yourself, eat sensibly, sleep and recharge before life starts again. Don’t forget to get those refundable deposits back too!

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

Image courtesy of Anthony Delanoix


2. If you’re preserving your wedding bouquet, this needs to be done as soon as possible after the big day. You’ll actually need to plan for this before the wedding and then send your bouquet away as quickly as you can.

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

Image courtesy of Naomi Kenton Photography


3. Arrange the delivery of your wedding gift list. Be warned that there’s likely to be quite a few boxes arriving so you’ll definitely need to be home!

4. Begin the rather long process of changing your name, if you’re doing so. Banks will need to see your original marriage certificate and you’ll also need to send it off to change your name on your driving licence, passport and other official documents. Don’t forget to change your name on the electoral roll, car insurance documents, personal and professional memberships, loyalty cards etc. You can find full lists of who to contact online.

5. Spend some time together reading through your wedding cards and guest book. The messages that people write for you can be absolutely lovely so don’t miss these. We recommend doing it with a glass of Champagne and a slice of leftover wedding cake!

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

Image courtesy of Dan Morris Photography


6. Leave reviews for your suppliers. Reviews and testimonials are really important to suppliers but also to future couples when they’re researching suppliers so if you’ve got something to say, say it!

7. Plan things to look forward to. Quite a few couples say that they feel a bit down or ‘empty’ after the day, so give yourself lots to look forward. That way, you won’t miss the wedmin and you’ll have plenty of fabulous things to do together.

8. Keep an eye out for emails from your photographer or videographer. They’ll be sending over edits for you to look out so again, make looking at them a special occasion.

9. Get your wedding dress cleaned. Whether you’re keeping or selling your dress, arrange for it to be cleaned as soon as possible. You’ll need a specialist cleaner who can confidently look after delicate fabrics, so do your research and make the arrangements as soon as you can.

The Complete Post-Wedding Checklist | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lydia Stamps Photography


10. Say thank you! Write cards to everyone who was with you on the day and anyone who gave you gifts. Try and make each note as personal as possible and if you can, get these cards in the post as soon as you can. If you had a brilliant wedding day, say thank you to everyone who made it so special, it will mean a lot if you do.


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