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The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Wedding dress shopping is a key part of planning your big day. Check out these wedding dress mistakes before you go.

Let’s be honest, every bride looks forward to going wedding dress shopping and you probably hit Pinterest for gown inspo as soon as you were engaged. But, in the excitement of it all, it’s all too easy to make wedding dress mistakes when you’re hunting for your gown. Here are the 10 mistakes to avoid when you shop so that you can be super happy with your dress before, on and even after your wedding.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

1. Assuming that you know what dresses will suit you before you try them on

It’s easy to look online and decide what you want before you visit a boutique. However, if you can shop with an open mind, you might be surprised about what suits you. Judging dresses on Pinterest and seeing how they look on models or other brides won’t tell you what YOU will look like in each gown so be open to suggestions when you have your wedding dress appointment.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Emilie May Photography

2. Doing absolutely no research before your dress shopping expedition

Whilst you’re not deciding on the exact dress that you want, you do want to make sure that the boutiques you’re visiting stock designers that you like and that they cater to your budget. It’s also good to have an idea of the style of wedding that you want before you shop for your dress so that your boutique can suggest designs that will work with your day.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Naomi Kenton Photography

3. Bringing too many people with you

Getting too many opinions when you try gowns on isn’t helpful and more people also equals more distractions and more people to please. You want to choose a gown that you love, not one that was voted for by the majority of people on your shopping trip. Keep it simple with one or two super trusted accomplices and you’ll be just fine.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Summer Lily Studio

4. Buying a smaller size because you’re planning on losing weight

Yes, your wedding can be just the excuse you might be looking for to start eating more healthily and exercising a bit more but putting yourself under loads of pressure to lose weight in the run up to the big day isn’t a good idea. Order the size you are and have your dress altered to fit nearer the day.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Sawuku Photography

5. Forgetting about the alteration costs

Your dress will be ordered in a standard size and then when it arrives at the boutique, you’ll be invited in for fittings and alterations. Depending on how much work your dress needs, alteration costs can run into hundreds of pounds so speak to your boutique when you shop to find out rough costs of the adjustments that your dress will need to fit your perfectly.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jessica O’Shaughnessy Photography

6. Leaving it too late to get your dress

Boutiques and designers don’t have huge warehouses of gowns waiting to be sent out when you decide on your dress and most gowns are made to order. The majority of designers work to a six-month lead time for orders and then you’ll need to factor in time for your alterations too. Shopping a year in advance of your date is about right.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Terri Brice Photography

7. Forgetting about the practical side of things

Too many brides get carried away with the gown of their dreams and don’t stop to think practically about how their dress will work with their day. A gown with a large skirt isn’t going to be great if your venue’s aisle is rather narrow and dresses with lacy overskirts or embellished trains can snag or rip if you’re outside. It’s also really important to try sitting in your dress – you don’t want to be uncomfortable during your wedding breakfast!

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Megan Duffield Photography

8. Taking photos in the changing room

Not many boutiques will actually allow you to take photos but if they do, resist the temptation to snap pics on your phone. A dress that’s not properly fitted to you won’t be as flattering as your finished gown and without your full bridal ensemble, you won’t be in full ‘bride mode’. Those fitting room snaps will play on your mind however and you could end up questioning your decision so obey the ‘no photos’ rule.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Carina Baverstock Couture

9. Going too far out of your comfort zone

Trying on gowns that you might not usually try on when you’re wedding dress shopping is a good thing but stepping so far outside of your comfort zone that you feel slightly uncomfortable isn’t. Yes, your consultant might see your great figure and pop you in a slinky dress but if you don’t feel fantastic, don’t buy it. Your wedding day is all about the very best version of you and you need to feel as good as you look in your gown.

10. Still looking when you’ve found ‘the one’

Once your dress is ordered, stop browsing online or checking out designer collections on blogs and in magazines. If you’ve listened to your heart, trusted your friends and taken on board all the advice here and from your boutique, the gown that you’ll have chosen will be amazing and perfect for you. Continuing to look will only have you questioning your choice and losing sleep. Order your dress, tick it from the list and move on to the next part of planning your big day, you’re going to look gorgeous.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Mistakes | CHWV

Image courtesy of Emily Tyler Photography


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