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14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues

Confetti Shot at Pelham House | Wedding Venues East Sussex

Looking for the perfect setting for your special day? Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered. Here are 14 manor house wedding venues that we think you’ll love.

Finding the perfect place to marry is no easy task. There are lots of things to consider, but a list of great locations will make everything simpler. So, without further ado, here's a list of some of the country's most beautiful country house wedding venues.

1. Old Palace Chester, Cheshire

Situated in the heart of the city, Old Palace Chester comfortably sits in a picturesque location beside the River Dee. Stately and luxurious, this venue has it all; including stunning views and authentic architecture.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Old Palace Chester | CHWV

Image courtesy of Sally Joanne Photography

2. Bourton Hall, Warwickshire

Relish the authentic beauty of Bourton Hall, an Italianate-style mansion overlooking Draycote Water in Warwickshire. It's an exclusive-use venue too, which means you can enjoy the ornate house, gorgeous grounds and historical features in peace and privacy.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Bourton Hall | CHWV

3. Holmewood Hall, Cambridgeshire

Tucked away in the serene Cambridgeshire countryside, Holmewood Hall has a flawless balance of indoor and outdoor spaces that will take your breath away. From intimate dining rooms to rolling parkland, this location is truly versatile for your special day.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Holmewood Hall | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ben Brown Photography

4. Pelham House, East Sussex

For style and sophistication, Pelham House could be just what you desire. Colourful gardens, flower-lined paths and gorgeous Georgian décor are all on display here. A country house with the air of an intimate and private club, this is the ideal place for your secluded wedding.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Pelham House | CHWV

Image courtesy of Caroline Over Photography

5. Oxnead Hall, Norfolk

Standing amongst 15 acres of beautifully maintained grounds, Oxnead Hall is an authentic venue filled with buildings that are rich in history. Wonderful accommodation is available here for guests in the form of two luxury cottages, and a grand dining room has everything you could ever dream of for an exceptional dining experience.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Oxnead Hall | CHWV

6. That Amazing Place, Essex

For a more contemporary manor house wedding, That Amazing Place is a fittingly named venue that doesn't shy away from a chic and stylish aesthetic. However, this stunning location dates back to the 15th century, lending a seamless blend of history and modernity to the place.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - That Amazing Place | CHWV

Image courtesy of Paul Hubbard Photography

7. Tyn Dwr Hall, Denbighshire

Bell towers and turrets are proudly on show at Tyn Dwr Hall, with multiple handcrafted fireplaces among the Victorian detailing inside. A fantastic fusion of contemporary and traditional furnishings is easily loved, creating a unique venue that compliments the old with the new.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Tyn Dwr Hall | CHWV

8. Penton Park, Hampshire

There’s sophistication in every detail at this stunning country house wedding venue located in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. From the glittering chandeliers to the classical sash windows, you'll be suitably charmed by the cosy decor Penton Park happily provides.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Penton Park | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lydia Stamps Photography

9. Lillibrooke Manor and Barns, Berkshire

There are lots of places to love at this country house wedding venue. The Great Barn features high beamed ceilings and iron chandeliers, while the Small Barn has a quainter and more intimate feel. Outside, the delightful Cloister Garden features ornate fountains and a range of traditional flowers on colourful display. You can marry in any of these settings and revel and relax in the rest – it's up to you.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Lillibrooke Manor and Barns | CHWV

10. Leez Priory, Essex

Dating back to the Tudor times, Leez Priory is a grand venue with seven possible areas for your unforgettable ceremony. With a range of authentic period features and intricately manicured lawns, you'll fall in love with your picture-perfect surroundings.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Leez Priory | CHWV

11. Homme House, Herefordshire

An idyllic countryside venue, Homme House is a splendid place to get married. Here you can expect croquet lawns and rose gardens, as well as a collection of exquisite period paintings adorning the walls inside the house. On arrival, you'll be instantly mesmerized by this sophisticated manor house wedding venue.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Homme House | CHWV

12. Hartsfield Manor, Surrey

A unique Victorian manor house wedding venue, Hartsfield Manor is hidden away in the Surrey Hills. There’re lots of outstanding views here, making the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. Within the beautiful stately home, you'll find ornate mirrors and high-end artwork, adding plenty of your romance to your big day.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Hartsfield Manor | CHWV

13. Wakehurst, West Sussex

At Wakehurst, you can have the unforgettable experience of exchanging vows in the beautiful Elizabethan mansion house, or upon the carefully maintained Mansion Lawn. The world-class botanic gardens guarantee a spectacular celebration too. All the character and warmth of this beautiful venue is exclusively yours.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Wakehurst | CHWV

14. Burton Court, Herefordshire

Once you travel through the ornate entrance gates of Burton Court, you'll know it's the perfect setting for a vintage-themed wedding. With a choice of four sumptuously dressed staterooms for your ceremony and the use of a 14th century Great Hall, this luxury location invites you to marry in historical opulence.

14 Unmissable Manor House Wedding Venues - Burton Court | CHWV


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