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2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Casual dining is set to be one of the big 2020 wedding trends. Come and learn more about this relaxed foodie trend that’s a big hit at weddings.

2020 is set to see a big shift in weddings. We’re moving away from the super formal and embracing a more relaxed and individual style. One of the biggest wedding trends around right now is ‘casual dining’ and if you don’t like the thought of a traditional three-course wedding breakfast, you’re going to love this. When it comes to new wedding food ideas in, it’s time to serve up something super personal and create a menu you’ll love. 2020 wedding food is sure to get your mouth watering.

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV


So, what exactly is casual dining and why is it set to be so popular with couples in 2020? Well, as the name implies, this style of service is all about doing things a little bit differently. For so long, the only foodie options available to couples were the traditional three-course meal or buffet. Now, couples want their wedding food to show off their personalities, just as in every other aspect of their day. If the formal sit-down wedding breakfast doesn’t suit your style, you’re going to love casual dining.


2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Image courtesy of Vicki Grafton Photography


The food that features in casual dining menus is, as you might expect, much more relaxed. You can include your favourite dishes, bring in foodie trends you love or create a menu with a worldwide flavour that references your travels if you like. The key to casual dining menus is YOU – what you love most should shine through in your wedding menu.

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Image courtesy of Storyett Photography


Casual dining has also become popular because couples just want their guests to relax and enjoy the wedding feast. If you don’t want to worry whether you’re using the right fork and if you want to be sure that your guests will absolutely adore your menu, casual dining is definitely for you. However, let’s be clear that casual dining options are still totally wedding-ready. This is gorgeous food that’s absolutely appropriate for a big celebration so expect to see luxurious additions featuring in your favourite dishes – lobster mac and cheese or handmade, woodfired pizzas with indulgent toppings for example.

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Image courtesy of Natalie J Weddings

Wedding food ideas for you

If you like the thought of something more relaxed, something more personal and something that’s utterly enjoyable for everyone at the heart of your wedding celebrations, take a look at these altogether yummy wedding food ideas:

Put a spin on your favourite roast dinner by serving everything ‘family style’ to tables so that guests can carve and help themselves to all the trimmings.

Sharing boards are a hot trend and you can include these in your wedding. How about a starter featuring antipasti or tapas alongside all your favourite accompaniments?

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lydia Stamps Photography


Include comfort food options in your canapes – mini shepherd’s pies, fish and chips and sausage and mash options will be super popular.

2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV


Food trucks or interactive food stations give guests the chance to choose their own food and provide lots of entertainment too.

Spit roasts are a lot of fun, particularly in the summer. Spit-roasted pig or lots of peri-peri chickens served with wraps and salads are a brilliant option.

Theme your meal around your favourite countries. Thai, Italian, Spanish or even US inspired dishes will really work with your personalities (and a travel themed wedding!)

Embrace the slow-food revolution with slow-roasted dishes – butterflied legs of lamb, pork shoulder or steamed and stuffed whole salmon.

Be plant-based and proud! Modern vegan cuisine is absolutely delicious so if you’ve gone plant-based, let your wedding menu reflect this with vibrant, delicious food.

Ditch the traditional evening buffet and serve hot dogs and steak sandwiches or travel the globe with Turkish meze, Spanish paella, curries or Caribbean jerk chicken.


2020 Wedding Trends – Casual dining | CHWV

Image courtesy of With Love From Near and Far


Don’t forget the children and make their meal fun too. They’ll relax with familiar foods and they’ll love a desserts of ice-cream milkshakes served with chocolate chip cookies!


Take the sharing boards trend to the next level with amazing grazing tables. Find out more about grazing tables on your wedding day right here.