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2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Hanging wedding flowers are going to be everywhere in 2020 and with good reason. Learn more about these fab wedding flowers here.

Flowers have been an integral part of wedding décor for decades. Not only do they look beautiful, they also provide plenty of options in terms of colour and now. Now, floral designers are doing things differently and shaking things up when it comes to decorations. 2020 is set to be the year of hanging wedding flowers and we can’t get enough of these suspended florals. For impact, creativity all-round flowery fabulousness, hanging wedding flowers really do have it all. Here’s how to include this hot trend in your 2020 wedding flowers.

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

2020 wedding trends – hanging wedding flowers

Hanging, or suspended, floral installations have been appearing over recent years but 2020 is going to be their breakthrough year. Instead of neat little table centres and foliage garlands, we’re going to see flowers taking centre stage in the most spectacular ways.

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Image courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography


So, why have hanging florals become so popular? It’s clear to see that they’re absolutely stunning and daringly different so for couples looking to do things differently, suspended floral décor is the way to go. These unusual designs are a long way away from the traditional wedding arrangements that sit on plinths or pedestals. For creative couples looking to push the boundaries and really wow their guests, hanging flowers have it all.

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography


As gorgeous as hanging wedding flowers are, they’re also really practical. Suspended installations don’t take up room on your tables, they don’t get in the way of conversation and they’re well out of the way and less likely to be knocked or damaged during the day. Hanging flowers can help create a more intimate atmosphere in rooms with super high ceilings and they absolutely work with weddings of all styles and themes.

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

2020 wedding ideas – suspended florals

When it comes to hanging wedding flowers, there really are no rules. Obviously, your florist will need to work around your venue but this is a part of your wedding where you can be as creative as you like. Here are some ideas if you’re looking to include suspended florals in your big day plans:

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Image courtesy of Weddingtopia


  • Create a hanging arrangement over your ceremony table and use flowers that mirror your bouquet and buttonholes.
  • Circular installations over circular tables look fantastic and these can be created around plastic hula hoops to keep the weight down.
  • Use ladders or wooden boards as the basis for long arrangements and these look fantastic over long tables.
  • Include lights or hanging tea light holders in your decorations to bring soft light to your wedding tables.
  • For a simple yet impactful design, individual blooms hung over your room or focussed in just one part of it look amazing.
  • Floral balls are another great hanging design. You could suspend a couple of these above your aisle or ceremony space and then move them to flank your top table.
  • Keep things simple with hanging foliage garlands and lanterns.
  • For a more rustic look, hang your flowers are various heights to give them a ‘just grown’ look.
  • If you’re on a budget, opt for one statement hanging decoration and then go for simple flowers or candles on your tables.
  • To cut down on the numbers of flowers that you need, use props such as geometric metal pieces or wooden hoops and simply add a few flowers to each.

2020 Wedding Trends – Hanging Wedding Flowers | CHWV

Image courtesy of Sarah Eubanks Photography


For more ideas for fantastic florals, we show you how to wow with wedding flowers right here.