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5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations | CHWV

Eager for the perfect finale to your magical wedding? Look at these UK honeymoon destinations to discover your perfect staycation!

You don't need to travel abroad to enjoy bustling cities, sandy beaches and calm countryside. Why not consider a staycation honeymoon instead? You'd spend less time travelling, and so this option would be better for the environment too! Here are some UK honeymoon destinations and ideas to remind you of just how charming and romantic our beautiful country can be!


1. Devon

Boasting beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, Devon is heaven for any newlyweds setting out on their staycation honeymoon. A peaceful county nestled away in the southwest of England, here you have stunning places like the famous Woolacombe beach, where your romantic strolls can last for hours upon endless stretches of golden sand. The hills are handy for a good hike too, and your cosy cottage will never be too far away. Perfect!

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations - Devon | CHWV

Image courtesy of Camille Minouflet

2. North Yorkshire

For a tranquil staycation honeymoon, North Yorkshire could be just the ticket! You could wander in the Yorkshire Dales, where you're guaranteed to be surrounded by lush and scenic surroundings. The historic city of York is just around the corner, filled with Gothic architecture that can serve as pretty backdrops to your romantic getaway!

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations - North Yorkshire | CHWV

Image courtesy of Tim Hill

3. Cumbria

Cumbria is home to one of the most beautiful places in the world; the Lake District. Mountainous and historic with vast lakes and spellbinding views, the Lake District is the perfect place for you and your spouse to have your first adventure as a married couple. If it's an enchanting escapade you're after, you'll find everything you need right here.

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations - Cumbria | CHWV

Image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures

4. London

Not all UK honeymoon destinations need beaches and countryside to be considered romantic. In London, you can wine and dine as you sail down the River Thames on a riverboat cruise, making your way past iconic sights like the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster. If you're still not satisfied, you could also dabble in luxury at The Ritz Hotel, take tea in The Shard, or stop in at any of the art galleries and museums that line the streets.

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations - London | CHWV

Image courtesy of Gordon Williams

5. The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is both a small island and a county, situated off the south coast of England. Here you'll discover quaint harbour towns, sublime coastal cliffs, and award-winning beaches including Shanklin and Sandown. If you're looking for quiet and secluded UK honeymoon destinations, The Isle of Wight has you covered.

5 Beautiful Staycation Honeymoon Locations - Isle of Wight | CHWV

Image courtesy of Matchbox Marketing


While embarking on a staycation honeymoon is environmentally friendly, the weddings themselves can be too! Read our guide on sustainable weddings for more inspiration!