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A Guide To Sustainable Weddings

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings | CHWV

Start your future together and look after the future of the planet too with these sustainable wedding ideas.

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings | CHWV

Rock those renewables

Have eco-credentials made it onto your wedding venue checklist? If they're not, they should be. It's easy to focus on finding environmentally friendly finishing touches for your wedding, like biodegradable confetti and stationery printed on recycled paperstock. But what about sustainable wedding ideas for the big picture planning too?

Increasingly, venues are looking to power your party in a sustainable way, whether through renewable heating sourced straight from the ground or air, supersized insulation for maximum cosiness, or electricity generated by the sun. But if you don't ask, you might never know, so be sure to do your research.

Level up locally sourced

For the most sustainable wedding ideas when it comes to catering, it's no secret that sourcing local produce will be an instant step forwards. But to make your celebration truly sustainable, consider going one step further.

Choose ingredients that aren't only local, but are seasonal too. They're likely to demand less energy intensive production methods, which is another tick for the planet.

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings - Locally sourced | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jay Wennington

Keep character on the menu

As more and more caterers put provenance at the top of their menu, it's easier than ever to find out where your food has come from. That gives you a greater ability to choose too.

Why not put your buying power to good use and support suppliers raising heirloom fruit and vegetables, or rare breed, native meats? Whether fine dining plates that are edible art, or a feel-good hog roast, there's room for rarities.

A more unexpected tip for sustainable weddings, your catering choices can contribute to conservation efforts, helping to secure the future of diverse species at risk of disappearing.

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings - Menu | CHWV

Image courtesy of Richard Vilches

Forget fast fashion

We know what you're thinking. A wedding dress typically takes six months or more to make to your measurements, it can hardly be called fast. True, but it can still be mass produced in a factory and put pressure on resources. So, what's the alternative?

Enter the small but ever growing world of 'slow' bridal fashion. These designers are spearheading the way for more ethical and sustainable production of bridal gowns. The ethos channels right through, from the materials chosen to the methods used to create the gown. A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to finding the best suppliers for sustainable weddings.

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings - Forget fast fashion | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jessica Turner Designs

Face the future

Getting married is one of the greatest celebrations of your life, and it's also the beginning of a whole new chapter. It's as much about the now as it is about what comes next - your life together at newlyweds. With that in mind, why not weave a nod to the future into the big day itself?

You could choose a charitable cause for your gift list, like the Woodland Trust. You could even book a venue like Combermere Abbey in Cheshire, which plants a tree for every couple who weds there. So as your marriage grows, so does the tree that could become a vital forest in the future.

A Guide To Sustainable Weddings - Face the future | CHWV

Image courtesy of Doug Krier Photography


These eco-friendly ideas will often lend a more laid-back feel to your celebrations, especially those that major on the menu. Find out how you can add a contemporary twist with casual dining at your reception.

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