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How To Personalise Your Wedding Day

How To Personalise Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Your wedding day really should be all about you – well, you and your other half! Make it your own and put your stamp on the day with our personalised wedding ideas.

How To Personalise Your Wedding Day | CHWV

Musical memories

Create the ultimate pre-ceremony playlist that resonates with you. Music has a knack for reminding us of special moments and can set the atmosphere for your wedding day.

Think of the song that played in the background on your first date. Or your favourite hits to sing along to in the car together. Music that reminds you of a holiday together, or perhaps even the proposal? These are all must-haves for your playlist.

Tying the knot

If you’re searching for personalised wedding ideas, then writing your own vows should be top of your list. What better way to give your wedding a truly personal feel?

Share vows that reflect your life as a couple. Will you vow to bring your partner a cup of tea in bed every Sunday? Or perhaps you’ll vow to always make the bed!

How To Personalise Your Wedding Day - Tying the knot | CHWV

Image courtesy of Luis Tosta

The ceremony

Shape your ceremony to be the perfect fit for you. If you’re on the hunt for personal wedding ideas, then consider crafting your ceremony to showcase your relationship. There are so many options to choose from – civil, religious, spiritual and humanist to name a few.

Traditions with a twist

Traditional doesn’t mean impersonal – far from it. Pick the traditions that have meaning to you. Include sentimental readings or add ceremonial candle lighting to your celebration.

If you’re from a part of the world with its own traditions, why not include those? From blended sand ceremonies to Celtic hand-fastening, including your own traditions is a great way to personalise your wedding.

Indulge your senses

Make the moment memorable for every sense by scenting your wedding with a signature fragrance. Think scented candles with floral notes to echo your bouquet, or simply add the scent you like to use at home, like vanilla or patchouli.

How To Personalise Your Wedding Day - Indulge your senses | CHWV

Image courtesy of Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum

Favourite flavours

A three-course seated feast followed by an evening buffet are by no means your only options (although if that's your ticket, dig in!).

Now you can embrace your inner foodie and curate your perfect menu, from grazing tables to barbecues, hog roasts to tapas trucks and even theatrical live cooking stations that bring the chef to the table and are guaranteed to fire up the party.

How To Personalise Your Wedding Day - Favourite flavours | CHWV

Image courtesy of Caroline Hernandez

A word on the speech

Love the idea of speeches? Throw in some new ones - speeches from the bride and maid of honour are becoming increasingly popular. You could even plan a flash mob with the help of family and friends.

Hate them? Have some, or even none! There’s no rule to follow, your day can be exactly as you want it. Why not swap speeches for a bit of fun with your guests and try a couple’s quiz?

Party planning

What is your idea of the ultimate party? When it comes to personal wedding ideas, customising your party is a great option.

If rocking out to a live band has you dashing for the dancefloor, plan a music-filled party and dance the night away. If laid-back vibes are more your thing, consider giant garden games. Great for summery, relaxed weddings, have a ball with outdoor entertainment.

The trick is to forget your guests for just a moment and plan the party you’d like to attend. We’re sure they’ll have a great time too!


How To Personalise Your Wedding Day - Party planning | CHWV

Image courtesy of Thomas Willian


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