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Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Making the most of the great outdoors on your wedding day is always a good idea and now, so many venues are licensed for outdoor weddings. Take a look at the best outside wedding ideas to make your day perfect!

Taking your vows in a gorgeous garden or a pretty courtyard is super romantic so it’s no surprise that more and more couples are planning outside weddings. If you love the thought of a wedding outdoors, you’ll love these outdoor wedding ideas. We’ve also included some tips to help you find the perfect outdoor wedding venue so let’s go al fresco!

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas | CHWV

Outdoor wedding ideas

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you can really get creative. From seating to signage, décor to details, there’s so much that you can do to make your wedding your own. Here are some outside wedding ideas that you and your guests will absolutely adore.

Always mention to your guests in advance that your ceremony will be held outside. Include this info on your invitations or on your wedding website so that people can dress appropriately.

Get creative with your seating. You can set out chairs so that all your guests surround you as you take your vows or create a meandering aisle to mix things up a bit.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Circular outdoor ceremony seating | CHWV

Images courtesy of Wedding Luxe And Wedding Chicks


Create an on-trend aisle runner with a patchwork of old rugs – this is practical as well as pretty as they’ll help to keep your dress clean!

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Wedding aisle rugs | CHWV

Image courtesy of Loft Photography


On a hot day, providing iced water for guests when they arrive can be a great idea. You might also want to leave out some sunscreen or provide pretty parasols for your guests.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Parasols and fans | CHWV

Image courtesy of Braedon Photography


Direct guests to your ceremony with some cool signage and make sure that your groomsmen are on hand to welcome guests to the ceremony area.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Signage | CHWV

Image courtesy of Jennifer Stuart Photography


If you’re hosting your ceremony in a beautiful garden, make the most of the natural decorations. Arrange your seating so that you’ve got the prettiest backdrop and hang delicate decorations from overhanging branches.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Tree decorations | CHWV

Images courtesy of Hello Brides


Huge floral backdrops look amazing at outside ceremonies but always make sure that they’re super secure if the day is a little windy! Similarly, make sure that and other decorations will stand up – some weights might help.

Line your aisle with cute little homemade decorations – these are super easy to make if you want to DIY.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Aisle decorations | CHWV

Image courtesy of Lucky Malone Photography


Decorations that include ribbons always look amazing at outdoor weddings. As they flutter in the breeze, they look stunning. You can also add ribbons to your bouquet or add them to chair backs.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Ribbon decorations | CHWV

Image courtesy of Cut Y Paste And Oh Best Day Ever


Remember that some guests might feel the cold so unless it’s super warm, providing a few blankets is definitely a good idea.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Blankets | CHWV

Image courtesy of Emma Loves Weddings


Give guests something to look at as they wait for your ceremony. How about setting up a ‘family tree’ to display old family wedding photos?

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Family tree | CHWV

Image courtesy of A Practical Wedding


If you want to add candles to your outside wedding, floating them in pails along with flowers is a great idea. Citronella candles will also help keep the bugs away.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Floating candles | CHWV

Image courtesy of Debi Treloar

Choosing the perfect venue for your outdoor wedding

If you’re fallen for the idea of an outside wedding, you need the perfect venue. Here are the things to look for as you set out to find your dream location:

Check that your venue is licensed to host outdoor weddings. If not, you can still work with a celebrant if you’d like an outside ceremony. Find out more about celebrant-led ceremonies here.

Ask your venue what happens if the weather gets in the way on your wedding day. Where will you ceremony be held instead?

Look at the ceremony space – is there some shade? What’s the backdrop like? Is there a paved path for you to walk on and where will guests be seated?

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Sandhole Oak Barn | CHWV

Image courtesy of Richard Milnes Photography


Do some research and look back on weather data for your venue. What’s the weather usually like when you’re looking to get married?

Outdoor ceremony areas will still have maximum numbers so double check the capacity of the venue before you start sending out those invitations.

How far will guests have to walk to get to the ceremony space? Some can be a little way from car parks so consider older guests or guests with pushchairs and young children.

Must-See Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Rivervale Barn | CHWV

Image courtesy of Studio Rouge


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